Tuesday, August 14th

Bumping into Phyllis at CL’s, Mike insists she make time for a chat, And it won’t be a friendly one, he warns.

On the rooftop, Sharon thanks Nick for taking time out of his day to meet the wedding coordinator and sample food. This wedding will be perfect, Nick gives his fiancee a kiss.

Enjoying the show? Arriving on the rooftop, Kyle glances at Nick and Sharon and joins Summer (who almost feels sorry for Sharon) You should – Nick cheated on her with your Mom.

Back on the CL’s patio, Mike scolds Phyllis for siding with Billy over Lauren; she feels betrayed. He strongly disagrees with Phyllis – these Jabotiques WILL be direct competition for Fenmore’s. Billy’s launching (and cannibalizing sales) in 30 of Fenmore’s most profitable locations right off the bat. How can that NOT affect Fenmore’s bottom line!? Phyllis doesn’t think it a good idea for Mike to defend his wife when it comes to her business. Oh, Mike’s not acting as a husband, he’s acting as a lawyer. Lauren’s got a solid case for breach of contract. Phyllis (and Summer) better figure out whose side you’re on.

Summer’s barely listening to Kyle’s business talk – she’s still reeling from the revelation that her Dad and Mom had a fling. Kyle thinks all have moved on – your Dad’s planning his wedding with Sharon and your Mom’s worked things out with Billy. That doesn’t mean she should, Summer shows no signs of giving up.

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Ending a call, Sharon updates Nick that the wedding planner is stuck in traffic. Both are happy to have more time alone until Victor comes along to wonder why they’re sipping lemonade instead of working. He then scoffs that Nick’s prioritizing ‘choosing canapes’ over the business he’s trying to launch.

Phyllis is surprised Lauren’s taking action just because she doesn’t like one of Billy’s ideas. It runs deeper than that and you know it, Mike scowls (or you should) Billy shoved this through secretly. Perhaps you’re only supporting this ill-advised venture to keep the peace with Billy? Phyllis sees two different approaches; Fenmore’s is tried and true – Jaboutiques is new, trending. She’ll support Lauren and get some reassurance from Billy (which she, Phyllis, also needs) Mike’s happy to hear that she’ll support Lauren. Phyllis and Mike then butt heads over him defending Lily (who Phyllis wants punished)

Still on the rooftop, Summer rants to Kyle about her Mom being a hypocrite. She has no right to blast Billy for gambling (while lying herself and cheating on him with her ex) Kyle wonders what Summer will do with this information.

Nick makes it clear to his Father that wedding plans are just as important to him as his business. Excusing themselves, they stroll over to Summer and Kyle’s table. Summer claims that they’re discussing the concept of marriage. Perhaps you guys can settle something for us…..

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