Wednesday, August 15th

Phyllis is in full denial mode – the only man in her life is Billy – I love him and he’s committed to me. Because he doesn’t know what I know, Summer’s quite sure of herself (and her facts regarding ‘that night’)

Cane brings some lunch up for Lily – who wonders why he’s really at her office. She’s been too busy to reply to his calls and messages. And if he really wants to ‘help’ he can pull his head out of the sand and accept the reality of the situation.

Nick’s got Mariah and himself a table on the rooftop. Sharon? She couldn’t make it and he feels they’re long overdue for a private chat. Mariah looks puzzled.

Summer asks her Mom to be honest – I know the truth. Phyllis now realizes that the info came from Kyle and that Summer initially thought she cheated with Jack (hence his visit the other day) Summer explains how she figured it out and wonders how her Mom could cheat on Billy if she loves him so much.

Phyllis makes excuses – it was a ‘one off’ – why would she hurt Billy by telling him? Summer’s not buying the ‘we were on a break’ and knows Billy wouldn’t either. You’re a hypocrite for lecturing Billy and me. Cheating is what gambling is to Billy. Summer then lists everyone Phyllis has cheated on and with – and reminds that she was conceived when Nick cheated on Sharon with Phyllis.

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Seated on the rooftop, Nick’s rewarding Mariah with lunch because she’s so much help planning the wedding. He wishes Summer was more involved but asks Mariah to cut her some slack.

Phyllis will tell Summer whatever she wants to know. Yes, of course she still loves Nick; we’re friends – nothing more, nothing less. We were both in a weird place that night. Thinking our relationships were over, the old chemistry took over. Haven’t you ever been drawn to an ex? No, once Summer’s done with someone, she’s done. She can’t support her Dad’s marriage to Sharon or Billy clinging on to a woman he thinks is devoted to him. Summer’s sure the secret will come out – because she’s going to go tell Billy right now. Phyllis follows.

Marching into Jabot, Phyllis and Summer both demand to see Billy. Pausing a personal call, Gloria informs that he’s in meetings and can’t be disturbed. She’ll forward their messages – whoever gets her cappuccino gets priority. All bursting into Billy’s office, they find it empty. Billy’s meetings are offsite, Gloria crows – then leaves the ‘disrespectful’ women to wait in Billy’s office until he returns.

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