Tuesday, March 14th

Over breakfast at Top of the Tower, Billy asks about his sister’s power struggle with Jack and praises Jabot’s acquisition of Fenmores (and the great new app) Likewise, Ashley congratulates Billy on the Sato deal. But why did Vikki send Cane instead of you?

Reed’s in Vikki’s office with another forgotten school form (his driver’s ed) But what he’s really annoyed about is his Mom taking a business call in the middle of his performance at Underground.

In Jack’s office, Gloria informs Ravi that Ashley’s at Top of the Tower. She acknowledges their ‘special connection’ but let’s not forget who the big boss is here; Mr Abbott. Exiting, Ravi bumps into Jack on his way in. Gloria’s taken care of Jack’s day and is sure he wouldn’t her mind taking liberties. What liberties? he wonders.

Now home, Cane updates Collin on his successful business trip. Where’s Lily? Out – which gives Collin time to be a ‘buzzkill’ and tattle that here was a man sleeping on the couch.

The guy was arrested – you’re safe – it’s over, Neil hugs Lily at CL’s. I’m right here – whatever you need.

Obediently drinking green tea instead of espresso, Jill shows Ester the ring Philip left her – I’m never taking it off. Nikki drops by (as invited) Yes, it’s been years since she’s been to the estate – lots of memories, she looks unsettled then greets Jill (who has questions about Kay that only Nikki can answer)

In the kitchen, Collin wonders why Cane’s not more concerned about the ‘good looking guy’ who slept on the couch while he was out of the country. I’d be a bit suspicious, he adds.

Back at CL’s, Lily continues to stress about her stalker – and is relieved to hear that Neil will follow up with Leslie.

Vikki heard the applause from Nick’s office – she knows Reed’s performance went well. She then annoys him further by mentioning Zoey and ‘trying to control everything’.

Billy reports that things are going well with Vikki (though she does sometimes morph into Victor as a boss) He sees why she sent Cane to Japan and is working on his own project; promoting BnS’s men’s line in the sports world. When it launches, you and Jack won’t know what hit you, he teases Ashley.

At Jack’s desk and computer, Gloria points out some ‘weak areas’ in BnS. Very impressive, he appreciates the initiative. I do more than pour coffee – I’ve proved my loyalty, Glo smirks. Fine, but if you’re hoping for more between us, it won’t happen, Jack’s clear.