Monday, June 1st

At CL’s, Kyle’s happy that Summer’s happy;  the killer is dead. The horror show is behind them. Except Mariah, pretending to be a reporter, is grilling the barissata on Tobias Gray. She’s not a reporter, Summer tattles – she’s a back stabbing liar.

Paul tells bullying Kevin that our ‘best detective’ looked over the case – and Tobias is the killer. Our best detective? What are you whining about now Fish? Harding?  Kevin thinks that a loose interpretation of the words ‘best’ and ‘detective’. Paul ends the bickering – and Harding hands over a folder. The DNA matches. Says who? The FBI, that’s who.

Devon joins Hilary at the club’s bar. She’s pondering divorce papers over a drink. but not as ready as Devon to ‘celebrate’. Lily appears – she’ll celebrate anything that gets Hilary out of their lives. Now, if only Devon would come to his senses.

In Nikki’s room (in rehab) she and Neil exchange apologizes. Neil thinks Nikki a brave woman – now the healing can begin. Nikki wonders if the healing can begin for Neil too.

On the patio, Victor tells Faith that Grandma’s off on a trip. Hearing she’s staying at her Mom’s tonight, Victor sends Faith in for cookies. What the hell are you thinking? he scowls a Nick.

Sharon’s almost manic as she prepares for Faith’s visit; gifts, cake – and a lot of cleaning. Did you stop taking your meds? Dylan asks.

Am I acting irratic? Manic? Sharon panics – then is calmed down by a hug from Dylan. Yes, she’s taking her pills. So much is riding on this visit. Dylan tells Sharon to focus on her love for Faith – and nothing will come between you two again.

Back on the patio, Victor lectures – Nick stands his ground. He wasn’t manipulated. It’s one night a week.  But look at all Sharon’s pulled. Never mind what Victor’s pulled – this is a mistake. Yeah, well, maybe Victor should have paid more attention to Mom (less meddling) How dare you accuse me of that, Victor growls.

Clean and sober, Neil won’t discuss the other healing he needs to do. I’m handling it, he jumps up and changes the topic. When Nikki persists, Neil admits he’s bitter. The one thing that will help him heal is revenge. Nikki’s not sure that’s healthy. Neil fantasizes about paying Devon and Hilary back – maybe by locking them in a pitch black room – make THEM blind. How about that!?

Devon and Hilary deny Lily’s accusations; that she’s after his money. Hilary wants to see Neil face to face as they sign to end their marriage. I owe him that much.

As Lily snickers into her drink, Hilary won’t let Devon meet Neil in her place – this is about respect. She’ll honour Neil by admitting he was a good husband. Whatever Neil says, Hilary’s earned. And for once, she agrees with Lily – Devon should leave.

You’re just fantasizing – you wouldn’t really do that, Nikki hopes.  No, but Neil’s ‘violent thoughts’ are healthy – they help him. She looks unsettled as they hug. One day at a time, he reminds in parting.

You think letting Faith stay with Sharon is good for your Mother? Or impregnating a woman you barely know? Nick admits he could have paid more attention too – now what happened with Mom and this guy at the club? Victor won’t talk about that. And he’s not sure Nikki’s allowed visitors right now. Well, Neil’s visiting. What?! Victor snaps.

Not everyone’s convinced that Tobias was the killer, Mariah tells Kyle and Summer. Everyone meaning Kevin? What’s wrong with you? Do you WANT there to be a killer on the loose.? Tobias killed Austin and Courtney.  Case closed. Kevin has a history of going rogue and getting in trouble. Why would Mariah believe him over the police and FBI?

According to results from Quantico, the drugs used to spike the punch at the cabin came from Tobias, Harding assures Kevin (who thinks it too convenient; the DNA is wrong. Paul scoffs – so an international drug lord came to town to kill two kids? It’d take a high level plant to fix the results. After Kevin marches out, Harding hates to admit with the little toad – but Fish has a point. Nobody’s looking for the killer. That means he’s free to kill again, Paul adds.

Faith’s excited to spend time with Sharon and Dylan. After Nick exits, Sharon asks if she likes Dylan being there. Yes – he’s my Uncle – a lot better than smelly Sage. The grown ups chuckle – then look at one another when asked if they’ll make her a baby sister or brother too.


During a session with Angel, Nikki lists all the reasons why she relapsed – then realizes she’s making excuses. Don’t quote what you’ve heard in meetings, Angel scolds – why do you want to be sober? What makes this time different? Nikki doesn’t want to drink herself to death. She complains about Victor. Yes, she’s left him – but always gone back. She’ll need all her strength to deal with him when she gets home. Angel then gets a text from security – your husband is here.

At Underground, Sage is moved to tears – Nick’s set up a romantic little dinner. And it’s not just because he loves ‘our baby’. It’s not? Oh Nick, Sage sniffles (as Nick squirms)

Kyle and Summer are indeed relieved when Kevin joins them to report the Chief of Police won’t be reopening the case. But he’s still sure Tobias didn’t kill Austin and Courtney. The killer’s still out there. That was my husband and my best friend! Summer’s in tears. Accept reality. It’s over. Kevin can’t believe that – and it dishonours Austin and Courtney’s memories not to search for the truth. At least Mariah’s with him. Uh no. She too wants to put all this behind us. Fine – but we’re still all in danger, Kevin says as he marches out.

Paul questioned the FBI – why would there be such a high level cover up? Harding agrees with Kevin – the evidence is too perfectly laid out. Paul relents  – keep digging – quietly.

Lily stops Neil as he marches over to Hilary. No, Neil wants to do this alone. You don’t want to witness this.

A lot goes into making that decision – we don’t have any plans right now, Sharon tells Faith (who then runs upstairs – and is delighted by her new sheets) Sharon apologizes to Dylan (for the baby question)

Nick disappoints Sage – this dinner is a thank you. She covers well; for what? Dealing with so much drama; Sharon, his parents. Did I do something wrong? Nick’s puzzled. No, Sage was just hoping that…. gahhhhh – that’s a cramp. Aghhh – the baby – he baby. Nick helps her up. I can’t walk, she moans.

As Paul ends a cal with ‘no comment’, Harding comes in – there’s a leak in the department alright. Only one other person had this information. Both head over to Kevin (all pleased with himself)

What has he done? Kyle reads a post on GC Buzz; according to a source within the GCPD, police are unconvinced Tobias Gray is guilty. Oh no, Mariah sighs – at least he’s willing to stick his neck out for what he believes in. Yes, he makes things interesting – what’s why I love him. Wait, what? You love him? Mariah squirms.

Acute appendicitis, the doctor informs Sage – you need surgery immediately. The baby? Nick’s question is met by silence.

Angel tells Mr Newman that he can’t see his wife right now. Neil Winters saw her, he’s not family< Victor puffs up. Spare me your psycho-babble. I don’t take no for an answer. With all due respect… With all due respect, Victor’s love for Nikki will help her resist the temptation to drink. Love isn’t always enough – and drinking isn’t the only pitfall for an addict, Angel replies.

As Devon and Lily hover, Neil sits across from Hilary. Her apology is drowned out by the revenge plans earlier relayed to Nikki. I want you to be happy, Hilary hands over the pen. Neil takes it in his fist – and aims it as if about to stab her in the eye.

Yes, Mariah loves Kevin – like she loves the month of June, puppies and coffee. We sleep in separate rooms. And you better not tell Kevin I used that word, she warns Kyle and Summer – then exits quickly.

Kevin denies he leaked info to GC Buzz – he’s been watching funny videos. No, the ‘little twerp’ isn’t the only one interested in finding justice – he’s the only one under arrest – for obstruction of justice. Oh come on! Kevin huffs as the handcuffs come out.

Victor’s helped Nikki many times. Then maybe it’s time she saved herself, Angel won’t budge. As Nikki creeps down the hall to listen, Victor demands Nikki come out to talk to him. It’s not my decision, Angel clarifies; she doesn’t want to see you. She doesn’t want you here.

After a tense moment, Neil signs the paperwork. Hilary hopes he and Devon can one day get past this. As Hilary goes upstairs with Devon, Lily praises Neil. I gotta go, he peeks around the corner – upstairs.

Dylan does owe an apology – for asking Sharon if she was off her meds. Her bond with Faith is evident~kiss~

Will there be a risk to the fetus? Yes, but not doing the appendectomy is dangerous for both mother and child. Nick and Sage look at one another.

Next: Yack leans in as Adam confides – I gotta be honest with you. This whole charade is getting more and more difficult to pull off … The real killer got away with it and I’m the only one who’s questioning that! Kevin rants at Mike…. I’m being held here against my will, Jack shouts out. I want my family to be contact ….. Ugh (the thug slams him in the head with what might be the butt of a pistol)

My Thoughts: How twisted is Faith’s upbringing? She’s perfectly OK with her Mom and Uncle having a baby….. Could it be? Could Nikki finally be seeing the light? Does she realize that her addiction to Victor is just as dangerous and unhealthy as her addiction to booze? Are TPTB finally ready to admit that Victor Newman is an abusive villain, with no redeeming qualities left whatsoever. That said, Nikki’s stance would be more admirable if SHE was picking up the tab for this pricey rehab resort. ‘Of course’ Victor’s not taking any responsibility for Nikki drinking – ‘it has nothing to do with me’ ….. Why is it that whenever a pregnant woman cramps up, the man instinctively wants to walk her around the room (while I instinctively want to do a headstand and cross my legs) …. How does Sharon rattling her bottle of meds around like maracas prove that she’s taking them?  They could be Tic Tacs for all he knows …. Neil hasn’t had a drink in months? Don’t break out the sparkling cider just yet. It’s only been 3 months …. So I guess Neil’s next on the list of characters about to become the villain. Why not? …. WTH is Kevin thinking? Paul’s given him how many chances already? And Kevin thinks it’d be perfectly OK if he was watching funny videos on the job? Nice to see Harding back. Never mind Abby, he has he most chemistry with ‘Fish’…. Hilary’s hilarious today – sitting across from Neil as he signs divorce papers is respecting/honouring him? And that’s keeping part of the ‘promise’ she made when she married him? Couldn’t she pick ANY OTHER place in town to sign? Like one of the hundreds of offices at Jabot? … Line of the day goes to Kevin; say hi to your bunny Harding.