Friday, May 29th

At the penthouse, Chelsea notes that Gabe had a certain tone and look when talking about Victor – it was Adam’s.

Seated at the club, Yack revels in his new-found information.What fun would it be to just blurt it out? Victor’s not in the mood for guessing games. If Gabe isn’t Harrison Bingham’s son, whose is he? Someone closer to home, Yack practically pees himself in delight.

As the ship slices through the ocean, Yack yells for help  – call my family. The thugs are not impressed with Marco’s big mouth. Planning to dock for a party, they leave him dirty, tied up and frustrated.

David Sherman is chatting with Dylan at Sharon’s place. With Nick’s agreement, the mediator (on her way) should approve Faith’s one night a week sleepover.  Coming down all nervous about what to wear, Sharon’s also worried that Avery’s changing Nick’s mind.

That’s exactly what’s going on at Underground. As Nick’s friend and attorney, Avery opposes amending the custody agreement. It’s just one night, Nick reasons and Sharon’s a lot better since ….. Since she’s been with Dylan? But what if Dylan moves on, or ….. You guys get back together?  Nick fills in. Avery claims it’s about nothing (and no one) other than – is Nick comfortable with Faith being with Sharon? Behind the bar, Sage listens intently.

Asking for a minute alone with Sharon, Dylan reminds her that Nick’s already agreed – don’t worry about Avery. Sharon lists all Avery has against her (back to using Faith against her) – the text – and now you and I together? She won’t let that happen. You think Avery’s the reason I haven’t moved in? Is she? Sharon has to ask.

Back at Underground, Avery continues to rant about Sharon – she sabotages relationships. Yes, but Dylan’s stood by her, Nick reminds. She’s his latest rescue mission, Avery blurts out – but her focus is not on their relationship – it’s on Faith. Romances come and go – Faith’s safety shouldn’t hinge on it. After Avery leaves, Sage can see that she got to Nick.

How does Victor manage to make all you guys go crazy? Chelsea reports that Adam and Victor were obsessed with beating one another. Even at the end, Victor was blackmailing Adam (for more time with Connor) He loves him – so Chelsea let Victor into their lives. ‘Gabe’ can’t be Adam – but he can be better.  You sound like him again – but that’s not the point – stop trying to take his place – be you. Don’t be Adam – OK? Be yourself with me, Chelsea implores.

You’re here to do a job – we have a deal – abide by it, or it’s terminated, Victor tells Yack to stop the BS. OK –  Jack is Gabe’s Father, Yack informs.

Dylan just wants to do things right – one step at a time. Avery arrives. Uncomfortable, she’s about to wait outside (but stays when Sharon goes up to change) Dylan wants to make sure their situation doesn’t effect today’s outcome. Be fair to Faith. Avery agrees – but why is Sharon now suddenly so trustworthy? Dylan then brings up Joe –  he sucked you in. Yeah, well  you’re the ONLY one who thinks Sharon strong and noble. The rest of us know what she’s capable of – especially Nick!

Nick does worry about Faith being with Sharon. But no, he’s no upset that Sage set this custody change in motion. It’s not an easy situation. Sage would want a second chance if Faith were her child. Our baby is lucky to have you, Nick gives Sage a parting kiss.

Chelsea’s never met the playboy Gabe others talk about – the Gabe she knows is dark and moody; affectionate but distant. Billy changed when he lost Delia – became more honest. Adam’s annoyed – so I’m pretending to be Billy now? No – Chelsea just wonders what happened to change Gabe. Adam claims Chelsea’s hiding behind her dead husband – he won’t be compared to that idiot Billy. He can’t compete with a ghost. Adam’s gone. When you’re ready to move on, come find me (he leaves)

Yack claims the signs were all there. Maybe Jack slept with the late Mrs Bingham and she never told him. Or maybe he knew all along. He told me he already has a kid he barely acknowledges. Ah yes, Keemo, Victor remembers. He wants Jack to leave things alone. Yack’s been a paragon of discretion. No, he didn’t kill the two kids – the Feds have moved on. I brought you this news – I’m a team player. You better be, Victor leaves Yack snickering to himself.

Marco – it’s you, a Latina woman enters the cabin, sets down her drink – and kisses Jack.

At the lab, Chelsea apologizes for missing he meeting. Yack tells ‘gorgeous’ that she doesn’t need to punch a time clock. You and Ashley are so different, Chelsea observes. Well, her job is the lab, Yack hopes Ashley doesn’t live to regret her choices (protecting Abbott interests)

I thought you were dead. How did you get here? It’s me, Marissa. Get me out of here, Jack pleads – the deck hand has a key. OK – Marissa will go get them (and with a kiss she’s gone)

Behind the bar, Sage tells her belly to settle down. Victor appears – you alright? Yes, Nick’s taking good care of her and the baby. Chuckling, Victor denies he implied Sage was a gold digger – now tell me about Gabriel Bingham.