Thursday, September 10th

Dylan and Sharon play happy couple at CL’s. Mariah soon arrives to questions Sharon – has she gone to the doctor? Are you pregnant yet?

At the tackhouse, Faith fusses over Sage. She worries about the baby. Nothing bad will happen to Sage or the baby, Nick reassures.

Kevin’s been summoned to Victor’s office – for his opinion on a strange incident at Kay’s memorial – power and the phone systems went down. Both chuckle at speculation that Kay caused it. Victor thinks it was an attack on him and NE (and he wants to find out by whom)

In bed, Gwen confides that she was insecure about asking Neil out. And what a random meeting they had at GCM. As Neil thinks of Hilary, Gwen notices – hey, where’d you go?

Hilary slowly awakens and sits up – hello? Anyone there? Where AM I????

Sharon says it’s too soon to take a pregnancy test, but knows she is for sure – she knows what it feels like. Mariah worries that Sharon’s making herself crazy (oops, nervous) Stop lying to Dylan – you’re putting yourself through hell for nothing (he won’t leave you)

On the patio, Ester confides in Dylan – Jill’s husband has been chasing her around the house (though Jill doesn’t believe her) She felt so powerful when leaving Mrs C’s house, but is now unemployed. Offered a job, Ester would love to help Dylan, and the mother to be.

Victor was warned about an attack on him and his business. Of course it’s not Kevin (he’d target a less ‘scary’ man. A hacker would leave a calling card. If Kevin WERE to hack into Victor’s computers, he’d have done it when he and Vikki were at Kay’s memorial. Victor pressures Kevin to look into it – a lucrative side job while he continues to fight ‘bad guys’.

Still in bed, Neil tells Gwen that he’s doing everything he can to put an end to this nightmare with Hilary and Devon.

Hello? Anyone? Hilary wonders where she is – and flashes back to Neil bringing her to the boat house (where they’ll stay while the house is being renovated) Hilary realizes she’s at the ‘dream house’.

Neil hints that he hasn’t completely forgiven Devon and Hilary – but understands that they didn’t mean to hurt him. Things happen – things spiral out of control. Gwen’s sorry she brought it up – tonight has been wonderful. Yeah, it’s alright, Neil’s more interested in making some calls in the living room (since Emma’s not home) Get some sleep – these calls might take a while. With a quick kiss, Neil scoops up Emma’s ID and escapes.

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