Wednesday, September 9th

At the Abbott cabin, Phyllis is delighted with the new decor – you’d never know that….. Two people were murdered here? Jack wants to put their troubles behind them and focus on ‘us’ – electronic devices are out – so is talk about business (including why he’d hire Gabe Bingham)

‘Gabe Bingham’ takes a seat at the bar beside Joe – they seem hit it off as Ashley arrives to ask ‘what the hell are you doing’?

Unpacking at the penthouse, Chelsea chatters away to the real estate agent; who’s there for ‘Gabe’s’ signature on a sales contract (to sell his penthouse) Chelsea’s puzzled – he didn’t sign the other night? More puzzled to hear ‘he never showed up’

On the rooftop, Neil looks at Hilary’s ‘missing/reward’ poster on his tablet. Gwen takes a seat to ask how he’s holding up – I’ve been thinking about you. Neil called to ask Gwen out again – tonight – dinner? Gwen suggests a new Brazilian place. Neil would rather she make him pasta. Lily shows up panting – something happened.

Returning to the hotel suite with Cane, Mike quips that he can check spending the night in a Virgin Isle jail cell off his bucket list. Oh look, Devon’s here. Why? To clear his name since neither of them believe he’s innocent!

Clarifying that Adam didn’t see the agent the other night, Chelsea shows her out – thanks – you’ve been VERY helpful.

Ashley takes Adam aside – stay away from Joe. He’s not my type, Adam quips. Hypothetically, if he IS investigating Joe re; the Paragon Project, doesn’t that put us on the same side? No – Ashley will never be on Gabe’s side. She has a better shot at getting info out of Joe. OK – while she interrogates lover boy, Adam will investigate who’s really behind the Paragon Project. Have a lovely evening. Ashley then leaves a ‘call me asap’ message for Jack.

Over wine, Phyllis thinks Jack’s making a mistake. He’s doing what’s best for Jabot and the family (even though they disagree with him) Back to the house rules – we’re here for this ~kiss~ Phyllis won’t be distracted – OK, maybe she will be….

After Gwen leaves them to chat, Lily updates Neil that Cane and Mike were thrown in jail – for withholding a witness. Devon’s reaching his breaking point. Neither have spoken to him today – and he may not think that Lily believes him (which she does) And how’s Neil doing? He’s fine – why? Gwen told her about the sleeping pills. It’s not addictive, Neil just needs rest – and to be ready for whatever comes next with Hilary and Devon.

Mike and Cane try to explain the situation to Devon – they’re just trying to find out the truth. Devon’s pissed – but didn’t come here to argue with them – he came to talk to this so-called witness.

Neil’s in his boathouse. Hilary’s bag still looks ‘good’. He wanted to hurt her – to feel the pain she and Devon caused him. He wanted to ruin the honeymoon, the marriage. Now here we are – and Devon’s being accused of murder. DID Devon do this to you? Did you run into him after me?

Meanwhile, Cane and Mike thank Jimmy, the witness, for coming by the suite. You believe I’m telling the truth now? Do I get my reward? No, Devon steps out to say he wants to hear the story – to his face.

Joe and Ashley are pleased to be having dinner together – cheers, they clink wine glasses.

Hungry? No (Phyllis and Jack are naked on the sofa) He’s going to have a shower – she’s stepping outside for some air (but instead stays put and looks worried)