Tuesday, September 15th

Paul’s always delighted when Dylan drops by his office – how’s he and the Mom to be? Dylan raving about the baby gives Paul a moment to pause – but he won’t let the baby Chris and he lost get in the way of being happy about his grandchild. Dylan’s actually there for the Chief’s help. A woman’s life is at stake.

Neil chats to Hilary – he can’t take her to a hospital – forgive me. He turns up the TV – still no word on the billionaire’s wife (the anchor woman then hints heavily that Devon’s guilty)

Gwen’s asked Devon to meet her at the park to discuss his Dad. Devon doesn’t want to hear it. Wait – Hilary’s not the only one in trouble – Neil is too.

Walking Mariah into Underground is the least Kevin could do after last night. Leaving with a kiss, Kevin doesn’t seem to notice how eager Mariah is to get rid of him. When Marisa and Noah show up all ‘lovely dovey’, Mariah snaps at them to get to work.

As Collin watches, Joe piggybacks Charlie into the GCAC (raving about how great he was at football) Seems he stepped in for Lily (who had a club emergency) Collin sends Charlie off with Joe for donuts – to chide Lily for being so cozy with Joe. Lily’s NOT fawning over him – Joe’s a friend. Collin doubts Cane would see it that way. What wouldn’t I be happy about? Cane appears – as Joe loudly zooms Charlie in like a plane.

Hugging Charlie, Cane’s not thrilled to hear that Uncle Joe took him to his game. Uncle Joe? How about that. Mike explains how they came home early (without calling) After Collin, then Mike leave, Lily forces a smile (as if nothing is wrong) and asks about the new lead.

You promised Sharon you wouldn’t get involved, Paul reminds. She changed her mind, Dylan then relays Ester’s suspicions re: Collin. The secret phone calls, spending large amounts of money etc. Collin has a criminal history, Paul concedes – and since there’s a life at stake – there are ways to circumvent the system (both look out at Kevin on his computer)

Gwen tattles that she and Emma saw Neil coming out of the medical supply closet at GCM.

The doctor Neil paid off said Hilary would be OK. But you’re not – why aren’t you OK?? WHY!!!?? Give me something – squeeze my hand. Let me know you’re OK – please!!! he steps away from Hilary to take call from Devon – what’s up? That’s what Devon wants to know – we need to talk. Yeah – we Do need to talk, Neil agrees.

Dylan’s sitting beside Kevin – thanks for doing your magic. Kevin knows to trust Ester’s instincts – let’s see what Collin’s up to. There’s no charges from BVI – let’s check his accounts, his holdings. Whoa – those are some hefty cash deposits – right before Devon and Hilary’s wedding. Here’s a charge to an escort service. Kevin hands him a paper with the info – maybe you’ll get lucky, he quips.

Cane sends Charlie off in his new pirate gear. He then tells Lily and Joe that a witness saw Hilary being loaded onto a private plane – which went to Dallas. Perhaps Paul can help. Lily’s at least hopeful that Hilary’s still alive.

At the park, Neil scolds Devon for going back to BVI – and how did you find out that Hilary left? Never mind that – you’re not yourself, Devon thinks Neil nervous and jittery. Neil’s on edge – and not happy to hear that Gwen accused him of stealing drugs. You think I’m a junkie? Devon just wants the truth. OK – Neil’s responsible for Hilary’s disappearance.

Noah and Marisa wonder what’s up with Mariah’s crabby mood. Problem withe Kevin? There IS no problem – there’s nothing at all. Yes, they stayed in the suite last night – it was awful – dull – Mariah’s had better sex in her sleep. But how to tell Kevin that? He thinks it was great.

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