Wednesday, September 16th

On the rooftop for lunch, Jack asks Phyllis about this ‘Fred’. He’s adorable – lonely – cutting himself off from the rest of the world. Yet, he managed to find my beautiful wife. Phyllis jokes about hooking up with Fred after Jack dies.

In his trailer, Ian looks at a photo on his laptop (Jack and Phyllis) as Adam calls to grumble about the virus causing a spike in Chelsea’s sales. It’ll come tumbling down…. Their call ends when Abby shows up to gush about sales going through the roof. Chelsea’s not home – but this is huge mistake, Adam says.

In Victor’s office, Chelsea’s delighted with the sales figures. Vikki, not so much – this whole thing will blow up in your face.

Still in the park, Dylan shares Collin’s suspicions. Not me – Neil claims that he’s barking up the wrong tree. But yeah – you got me – I know all about the video. Collin attempted to use it against my son.

Sharon’s on her phone at CL’s – if I commit myself I can check out any time I want? Have visitors? She needs more time to think about it – thank you ~click~ Everything OK? Nick appears.

I’m here to see my wife – hello Marisa. This is Luca – his wife is a friend of mine, Marisa lies – I haven’t seen her in a long time. But I might have her number. Noah wonders where they know one another from. Luca’s wife left him – he’s been looking for her ever since. Luca takes the ‘number’ (Marisa’s note reads ‘meet me at the park in 20’)

Marisa tells Noah that she didn’t know Luca well – her friend should not have married him; he’s rich, and jealous. Her friend was afraid. Why did Marisa give Luca her number then? They should sort things out, Marisa’s left to look worried.

Back on the rooftop, Jack downplays his relationship with Kelly – do you still feel like I cheated on you? he asks Phyllis. Jack wanted to escape – he turned to Kelly instead of drugs.

Neil found out that Collin was blackmailing Devon – I told him to stay away. That’s why he’s trying to point the finger at me. Neil’s not sure if Devon knows. Why is Dylan investigating? The reward? No, Devon deserves to know what happened to his wife. Dylan WILL find out (and marches off)

Sharon explains why she left Faith with Sage the other day. Nick’s suspicious – is that it? You know me so well, Sharon sighs – there is something else going on with me.