Friday, October 2nd

Adam’s alive? Victor’s in disbelief – Jack pretends to be in disbelief. Phyllis insists it’s true – Ian knows things only Adam could know. Victor would know if his son were alive. Not if he changed his name and face, Phyllis insists. Speechless, Jack bites his lip.

Adam’s at the club on the phone, leaving a groveling message for Chelsea – when he shuts Paragon down he wants to get away – you, me and Connor will be together – believe in me one more time.

Meanwhile, Chelsea’s at Jabot, dropping the bomb on Billy and Vikki – Gabe Bingham is Adam Newman. No, Chelsea’s not fine – nor is she drunk – or delusional. It seems impossible but it’s true. Yes, Adam was badly hurt in the accident. The real Gabe died trying to save him. Look past the plastic surgery and cover story – see what’s been literally staring you in the face. You know it’s Adam.

Nikki’s at Underground, telling Nick and Sage not to worry about her because Ian Ward’s escaped. OK – she’ll stay – but there’s no need to … Paul calls to update – Ian’s back in prison. Sage and Nick are equally relieved. Now we celebrate.

On the rooftop, Kevin updates Adam – Ian Ward’s been caught. Now maybe he’ll be forced to help us shut down the Paragon Project. Adam may have another way – but needs Kevin’s help.

Phyllis and Jack will leave Victor to process this. Victor realizes it was his son, not Harrison Bingham’s who wanted to destroy him all along. But wait – why is Jack not surprised to hear that Adam’s alive? Phyllis scoffs – of course he’s surprised – right???? DID you know!? Of course he did, Victor continues – that’s why ‘Gabe’ got a job at Jabot. Why aren’t you saying anything?! Phyllis demands. All this time you knew – you knew Adam was behind the Paragon Project! You knew Adam was in GC for MONTHS! she’s pissed.

Back on the rooftop, Kevin and Adam get to work looking for this ‘wannabe anarchist’ (the accomplice) to shut down Paragon.

At Jabot, Vikki and Billy slowly realize it’s true. Billy flashes back to asking Gabe about his bullet scar. There was always something about him – like how focused he was on Chelsea and Connor – working at Jabot, moving across the hall. I hated him – the way I hated Adam. Sonofabitch – it’s him! How long have you known!? No – Chelsea didn’t know when she slept with ‘Gabe’ How could you NOT know?? Vikki asks. Chelsea thought her husband was dead. Until…. Until he told her the truth – a few months ago. Billy’s disgusted – you knew the man who killed my daughter’s alive and said nothing?

Nikki’s sooo relieved that Ian’s been caught. Nick serves up a round of club soda. The threesome toast to good news all around. Nikki can’t help but feel sorry for bringing Ian into their lives. Sage would move heaven and earth to find her child (as Nikki did to find Dylan)

Kevin needs a password. Here – Adam has one. How did you get this!? Adam paid a lot for it – just see if it works. It does – Kevin already found it – but it was changed a few days ago. Adam’s annoyed that Kevin didn’t share information. YOU’RE the one not sharing info – you’ve been behind Paragon the whole time! Kevin’s understandably upset.

Victor points out that this wouldn’t be the first time Jack’s used his son against him – to destroy his company. This virus is destroying the legacy for my children. Adam’s your child too, Jack reminds – is it any wonder Adam came to ME – asked ME to be Connor’s guardian? Phyllis is also pissed – Jack lied to her – and what about your brother??? What about Billy???

Vikki knows Paris was an exit plan – Chelsea and Adam’s escape. You’re here to make a plea on Adam’s behalf. No! Billy was at peace, Chelsea’s in tears – dredging it up would cause more pain – that’s why we were moving to Europe. She wanted to start a new life with Adam. With the man who took my little girl!? Billy snarls. Vikki stops him from storming out – I need you. Our children need you. I love you, Billy says – then goes.

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