Thursday, October 1st

On the rooftop, Phyllis and Jack update Summer that Ian snuck out of prison again. He could be anywhere – doing anything.

In the park, Ian sings to himself as he’s on his laptop. His Paragon is chewing a hole in NE from the inside out – just wait til they see what you can do – just wait.

Finding Billy in Ashley’s office, Kyle hopes he’s not buying more NE companies. Shut it down. No, Billy’s good – and your hands are clean. Kyle’s worried about his Uncle – Victor will have your head. Let him try, Billy grins.

In his office, Victor’s bellowing into his phone – stop this virus before these vultures buy the whole company!! When Abby and Vikki arrive, Victor shouts some more – it’s too late for them to help – while they were under arrest for protecting the enemy, his company is being brought to it’s knees!!!

Paulie’s visiting Pattycakes at Fairview – he’s proud of her progress. Patty wants to be good, but it’s so unfair – another patient is lying – how can she get away with it?

Meanwhile, Dr A is giving Sharon a blood test – to make sure her blood levels are OK.

As Chelsea tries to shut the door on Adam, he pushes her against the wall – this isn’t the end. Opening the door seconds later, Chelsea points out that Gabe Bingham has no son – walk away – unless you’re willing to tell the whole world who you are.

Victor is furious – this virus is destroying NE – while Billy’s laughing and buying (with ‘your Mother’s’ help) Abby doubts Ashley would OK this. Vikki thinks the real enemy is Ian Ward. No – it’s the Abbott’s too – and Victor wants them treated as such!!!

Kyle and Billy continue to debate him buying up NE for dirt cheap. If this is about Summer, go buy her some flowers, but don’t tell me how to run my Father’s company. Kyle doesn’t think John Abbott would approve of Billy dragging Jabot through the mud.

Jack gets a call from Kyle (tattling that Billy’s buying up NE – and putting a target on Jabot) Jack leaves Summer to reassure Phyllis that she already has a bodyguard – it’s her Mom she worries about. Phyllis gets a text – nothing to worry about – she has other fish to fry.

Adam points out that Connor loves him – he deserves to know his Father – we agreed to tell him when the time was right. Everything about you is a lie, Chelsea says – and hate for Victor – you’re not a good role model. Connor needs to know love. Forget Delia!!?? Adam pisses Chelsea off even more. He regrets that every day. Yes, he tries to be a better man. No – you focus on revenge – you’ll never change, Chelsea thinks that HE is the one who’s dead (inside)

Paul drops by Sharon’s room – up for a visitor? He hopes she and the baby are doing well. Sharon is – and how’s Dylan? Busy – but he knows she and the baby are top priority. Sharon’s seen Patty – she seems better. She has lucid moments – then not so much. Paul feels she wanted to tell him something but couldn’t. She’ll open up, Sharon’s sure.