Monday, October 5th

Chelsea could have gone to the police with her info on Adam (and lists his crimes) No – you went straight to Billy – near the anniversary of his daughter’s death! Jack growls. Billy could kill Adam, Phyllis wonders if that’s why Chelsea told him.

On the rooftop, Adam’s on the ground – guessing he should have stayed dead. Damn right, Victor agrees. Adam won’t abandon his son. You’ll mess up his life, as you have so many others – you’re going to prison, Victor shouts. You’re gonna kill me Dad? No – someone else will have the pleasure (Victor means Billy)

Get up! Billy orders Adam (who thinks Victor sick for watching while Billy murders his own son) Billy knows no one would blame him – you killed my little girl. No one up here, or Adam either – you wanna choke me and throw me off the building? Or you can go get a gun and shoot me again. I’d be where I belong – in hell. Make your move – do it!!!!

Has anything Sage said been the truth? Nikki lamely tries to calm Nick down (while Vikki eggs him on) Sage becomes defiant – she switched the paternity results. You are not the Father, she tells Nick.

This baby was just a way to bind myself to you – every word, ever kiss was a lie. Is that what you want me to say? Is the baby Nick’s or not? Vikki’s tired of the games. As Nikki muzzles Vikki’s tirade, Sage pleads with Nick – you know who’s baby this is – please don’t do this. I’m an opportunist? A liar? Is that what you think of me? Yours of Adam’s, this baby’s a Newman either way. Lucky me.

Back in Victor’s office, Phyllis blasts ‘bad girl gone good’ Chelsea – at least Jack lied to Billy to protect him. Chelsea lists all Adam did – putting cameras in her home to saving her at the wedding when Billy was calling her a slut. Yes, but it was Adam you chose to start a life with, Phyllis points out. Billy had to know the truth, Chelsea insists. Getting a call, Jack finally speaks up – well, they found Billy (off he runs)

On the rooftop, Billy knows that beating Adam won’t bring Delia back – my daughter is DEAD – she deserves justice. Adam challenges Billy to put him in a grave. Victor watches as Billy lands a few unanswered punches.

Sure Sage will take another DNA test – let’s put it to a family vote. Adam killed Delia and broke Billy’s heart – it IS my business, Vikki hisses. When Nikki asks Vikki to stop (stress isn’t good for the baby) Sage snarls at her too – that’s all that matters right? The baby.

You lived with Adam and didn’t tell anyone – knowing exactly who and what he is – his constant need for destruction, Phyllis won’t ever let Chelsea forget how she enabled Adam (who mowed over a little girl) Your husband knew FIRST, Chelsea just hopes Phyllis spreads her blame around to the right people.

Jack arrives to bark at spectator Victor – what the hell is wrong with you!? It’s been a long time coming, Victor replies – as Jack restrains Billy (who won’t let Adam walk away again) ‘Victor’s got his hands in his pockets for a reason’ – he wants Adam in a grave and you in a cell. Get out of here now! Jack orders Adam. Victor leaves hinting that Jack has some explaining to do to Billy Boy.

Joining Adam downstairs at the bar, Victor thinks he should leave before Billy has another go at him. Hard to say my name huh? Adam knows Victor must be disappointed that he wasn’t in the grave he danced on. Victor flashes back to telling Adam’s urn that he was like him in wanting to protect his family. Rest in peace my boy. You’d never understand – you never did, Victor sadly replies.

Jack covered for Adam; with YOU, Victor, his own brother, Chelsea continues. Jack protected his brother – you protected Delia’s killer, Phyllis argues. Chelsea made a mistake – she could have stopped Adam sooner – but she and Jack made the same mistake – we both loved Adam too much to tell the truth.

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