Tuesday, October 6th

At the office, Nick and Victor frown into a laptop – Cleveland has come to a standstill – the vendors will have to re-order everything manually. Every NE company is afraid the virus will effect them. At this rate we’ll lose everything. Oh! Victor looks at his phone – he may just have found a way out.

At Delia’s roadside memorial, Vikki pleads with Billy – don’t go after Adam – think of Katie and Johnny – Delia wouldn’t want you in prison. Delia’s not here, is she?! Billy must fight for her. Adam will make a deal with Victor. Do you really think he’ll get the punishment he deserves?

Sage rants at Adam (for taking Gabe and Nick away from her) Calm down – the baby, Adam tries to calm her. Too late – it appears she’s in labour. Oh noooo nooo nooo – my water broke! she weeps on a park bench.

Jill’s back from Hong Kong and ready for a later dinner at the club (since there’s likely no food at the estate) Nikki marches over to ask if she’s seen Billy. There’s no easy way to tell you this – Adam’s alive and been living here for almost a year.

In the boathouse, Neil and Gwen are now both watching Hilary and hoping she wakes up to tell everyone what happened. We’re going to need more supplies, Neil notes.

The Ashby’s are with Devon when a staff member delivers an envelope containing a ransom note! ‘I have Hilary – don’t go to the police – will be in touch’ Collin spies on the stunned trio.

After Devon reams out the staffer who didn’t notice who left the envelope, Cane goes to pull surveillance footage. Devon whines to Lily – Hilary’s kidnapper was in this building and nobody saw him. Collin continues to look shady.

Neil can’t risk causing Hilary any more harm – but getting more medication is risky. He’s tempted to turn himself in. You’ve come this far, Gwen encourages – we’ll get through this together. She’ll get more meds from GCM’s supply closet (using Emma’s badge) This is really risky, Neil warns. It’s worth it to Gwen ~kiss~

At GCM, Paul tells Ben and Dylan that he’s put trackers on the IV nutrition boxes. The transmitter will send a signal within 50 miles. If Hilary’s in the area, we’ll find her. Paul must now go tune his computer into the signal. Dylan gets a call and must go see Devon before meeting Paul at the station.

One of Victor’s men plops Ian’s hacker into a seat before his desk. Paragon can’t be stopped and he doesn’t know who Nick’s brother is. As Nick glares, arms folded, Victor demands cooperation – starting right now.

The baby’s coming!! Sage wails – Aghhhh. We’re not going to make it to the hospital! I’m scared!! Adam’s done this before – he delivered Johnny. I’m not going anywhere. Please don’t let my baby die, Sage pleads – then screams some more.