Thursday, February 4th

When Nick drops by unexpectedly, Sharon assures that Sage will get the best care from Dr Anderson. He’d like insight about Dr Anderson’s treatment. Sharon isn’t sure her experience will apply to Sage (she checked herself in while Sage was committed) Still, Nick wants to know everything he can find out about Dr Anderson.

A nap? Sage chuckles – she was drugged by an orderly who refused to let her use the phone. Dr Anderson doesn’t think that a ‘reasonable request’ – the orderly responded accordingly. Why was it so urgent that Sage speak to Nick anyway? She doesn’t want to lose her husband while she’s in here – satisfied? No, Dr Anderson isn’t – now why were you so desperate to talk to Nick? she asks again.

Arriving at the station, Paul learns that Patty’s been delivered to his office. He’ll question her about the ‘murder allegations’ before taking her back to Fairview. Hold off the press, he asks one of his cops, then enters his office. Hey Paulie, a disheveled Patty bleats – long time no see.

On the patio, Noah tells Marisa not to worry – he’s not going after her precious husband, he’s going to the police (which he should have done instead of listening to her and Victor) Forget Victor and Luca – don’t do it, for me, Marisa pleads.

At the penthouse, Chelsea gets a call regarding a business matter, then calls Adam; please be there! she pleads. As the ringing phone is ignored in Victor’s office, Luca gloats that he holds all the cards. Adam warns that he’ll regret messing with Victor’s grandson.

Though Sharon now speaks glowingly of Dr Anderson, she admits questioning her a few times. Like when she cut you off from the outside world for weeks on end? She thinks Nick sounds hostile – like you don’t trust her.

Sage needed Nick to tell Sharon that she can spend time around Sully. Dr Anderson’s sorry she felt the need to hide that – but it proves Sage is obsessed with another woman’s child. Sage angrily denies she’s a danger to Sully. Dr Anderson thinks Sage needs to deal with her loss before she can move on – let’s talk about Christian.

Noah does NOT believe that Marisa’s ‘done with Luca’ and he’s certainly not done with you. Noah’s done though – and no, he doesn’t love Marisa. Now excuse me, I have a confession to go make.

Having messed with Victor’s family and business, Adam thinks Luca should run. What can he do to you? I dunno – ask Marco. Marisa then calls to update Noah (who updates Luca – your leverage is ready to confess to the cops) No, Adam doesn’t want that – he must get to Noah before he confesses.

Finding Marisa in Victor’s office, Chelsea suspects that she knows why Adam’s letting Luca stay on at Newman. Marisa squirms.

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