Wednesday, February 10th

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What were you two doing upstairs? Jack asks. Phyllis lost her phone. Billy was helping her look for it. You don’t have to lie for me, Billy makes Jack even more suspicious.

In her suite, Natalie spies on Vikki and Victor – then shuts it down when Summer comes pounding on her door. She needs Natalie’s help finding a lost kid. Natalie starts hacking into GC’s surveillance cameras.

Victor and Vikki’s chat is interrupted when Nick barges into the office to report that Dr Anderson was killed last night – he and Sharon found the body. Victor’s sorry to hear that. You should be – she’s dead because of you!

Sage is at Sharon’s (who invited her over) She wasn’t sick at all, Faith’s told. Why was she at Fairview? Sage and Daddy play acted – yes, like detectives. Now the game’s over? Faith wonders.

At GCM, Mike lists the evidence against Patty (her prints are on the murder weapon etc.) The only chance of keeping her out of maximum security prison is establishing a justifiable motive. No, she’s not lucid – Paul just wants Patty safely put into a psychiatric facility where nothing like this will ever happen again.

In her room, handcuffed to a bed, Patty awakens to Dylan’s questions. Is whatever you wanted to warn me about (the night of the fire) the reason you killed Dr Anderson?

Billy admits he’s more interested in Natalie’s project than he let on, so went up to talk to her. Phyllis stopped him. Now he’s going home to Vikki and the kids. Jack thinks that a great idea.

Natalie spots Max on a few cameras around town. He’s here at the club. Summer’s further relieved when Ben answers her call to say Max is with them. Summer thanks Natalie (who says ‘now you owe me one’)

Mike shares Sage’s theory with Paul; maybe Patty found out her true identity and had to defend herself. Yeah, but there’s no proof of that – we’ve got nothing. Paul can’t even get Patty to talk to him. Perhaps she’ll open up to your son, Mike has hope.

I didn’t kill anyone, Patty’s agitated – I don’t remember. I’m not a murderer. You’re lying!!! she shouts at Dylan. Paul races in as a nurse sedates Patty.

Nick tells Victor (and Vikki) that Sandy Allen was the girl who injured herself diving into their pool years ago. Victor paid the family off to protect Nick (not the family name) Explaining that Sandy used Sharon and tried to get rid of Sage, Nick demands his Father take responsibility. The hell I will! Victor bellows. As for unleashing Patty Williams, he doesn’t see the connection between those two ‘nutcases’.

When Faith goes up to watch Sully sleep, Sharon praises Sage for her bravery (and tears up at how vulnerable she was to Dr Anderson) She wants to know why she wouldn’t let her speak to her family. Why go after Sage? Sage wants to forget all about Sandra Allen Anderson. What she can’t forget is the one thing she was right about – I’m not over losing Christian. I may never get over losing him.

Dylan’s sorry he couldn’t get anything out of Patty – and despite Paul and Mike feeling it’s no good, insists he’ll talk to her again. Paul appreciates it – but drop it. This is more than a case, this is family! Dylan persists. She warned me the night of the fire something was going on with Dr Anderson. Go home – there’s nothing more we can do here, Paul won’t budge.

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