Monday, February 15th

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Helped up by Devon, Neil denies he’s been drinking – don’t make a scene – go back to Hilary. Leaving Phyllis, Jack joins Neil, and isn’t so easily fooled – how much have you had to drink?

Natalie provides running commentary – everyone looks miserable; Summer’s boyfriend isn’t here, Abby’s hubby’s late. All grabbing a champagne flute, Abby’s sure her husband won’t stand her up on their first Valentine’s Day.

Ashley in a hospital bed, Ben’s determined to run tests (despite Neville’s best efforts to have her released into his care) This is NOT the flu, and Ashley’s NOT being released.

Alone with flowers, candles and a bottle of champagne on ice, Chelsea leaves a message for Adam – then sighs.

Cuddling with Marisa in bed, Noah gets a call from Adam – tell me it’s not true – tell me you’re not planning to take down your own grandfather.

Go be with Abby – it’s Valentine’s Day, Ashley tries to convince Ben. But when she almost faints trying to get out of bed, Neville agrees that Ben’s right. And if he wants a sample of Ashley’s blood, he’ll get exactly that.

At the club, Summer suggests that maybe a medical emergency came up. THIS is an emergency, Abby stomps off. Phyllis comes over to chat with Summer and Natalie. At the mention of Victor (and his lack of morals) Summer exits (warning Natalie to get some work done later) That leaves Phyllis to remind Natalie that Summer can’t know that she and Billy are taking Victor down. NE eats soles – and Phyllis won’t let that happen to Summer.

Noah wants to nail Victor to a wall for all the crap he’s pulled – but he’s not doing it (or partnered with Luca – he’s on his own) Noah’s plan? To stay with Marisa. Victor can’t know I considered turning on him. I gotta go, Adam says when Luca appears in the office. Noah says you’re lying. Who to believe, Luca implies Noah’s the liar.

Ashley worries Ben will find out about all the drugs in her system and alert her family. He won’t be looking at YOUR blood, Neville says (already with a vial of blood in hand) In the hallway, Ben leaves Abby a message. Neville comes out with the blood – this is all she’ll consent to. Ben would rather have drawn the blood himself – but I’ll take it.

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