Tuesday, February 16th

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At CL’s, Dylan theorizes about Patty breaking out of Fairview to warn him about Dr Anderson. Paul’s been there – trying to rationalize Patty’s behavior – save yourself the misery – you can’t make sense of it. Arriving with Faith and Sully, Sharon tells Paul she’s sorry about Patty; she tried to help me in Fairview. Paul’s just glad Dylan has his family – thank you Sharon ~hug~

Sage has the same nightmare – racing around GCM, she frantically follows a baby’s cry – I want my baby!!! Where’s my baby!??? Awakening to daylight, she’s comforted again by Nick – it’s just a dream.

Hilary’s pleasantly surprised that Devon stayed the night – she knows it doesn’t mean anything – no pressure. It’s confusing and complicated, Hilary understands. All Devon’s wanted is Hilary. This is how things should be ~kiss~

At GCM, Abby’s freaking out about her Mom being pregnant. Shhh, Ben broke rules telling her – and Ashley must be freaked out too. In her room, Ashley’s NOT happy to hear she’s glowing. You told her!? she glares at Ben. Only because I was worried – but you’re creating life, not dying, Abby chirps.

Neil drinks from (then pockets) his flask as Neville enters – wondering why he’s been summoned to the club. Neil asks Lily to find a tie for their resident genius – for the cameras. When reporters arrive, Neville looks grim as Neil exclaims that he’s giving them their lead story tonight – roll the cameras!

It’s over, Nick consoles his wife – Patty can’t hurt you anymore – Dr Anderson’s hopefully resting in peace. Nick and Sage are meeting Dylan later to discuss the case, hopefully get some answers. Sage needs to know what Dr Anderson did to make Patty snap.

Neil’s thrilled when Lily brings over a purple tie (you’re the only kid I can count on) Neville’s not wearing a tie OR going on camera. Neil insists they’re announcing their breakthroughs to the world – Hilary is the success story. She’s back – with her husband. I’m the business guy – you’re the mad scientist, Neil reminds – then talks to Lily about capitalizing on momentum. He shrugs off concerns about his drinking – I’ve got a press conference to give.

Ashley assures Abby that she can’t be pregnant. No, she and Dr Neville didn’t have sex. Someone else is pregnant and doesn’t even now it. Ashley declines another blood test – and gets a panicked call from Neville; you need to get to the club to do damage control – NOW.

Dylan rejoins Paul to reiterate his need to find out what happened between Patty and Dr Anderson. Paul’s sorry to say there may not be a satisfactory motive – the case is closed. Then why did Dylan want to see us? Nick arrives with Sage. It must be personal, Paul assures it’s not because of Dr Anderson’s death. Sage joins Sharon and Faith – and is delighted when Sully’s put in her arms. Faith and Fatih agree that Sage is ‘all better’. Meanwhile, Nick agrees with Dylan – maybe Paul shouldn’t be so quick to let this go.

Neil takes to the mic as Lily watches nervously, as do Devon and Hilary. Neville wrestles with his tie as he grumbles. Neil talks about a big project he spearheaded – forget about me working at Jabot and Newman – this project is big, big, big. You people are the first to hear it. Ashley arrives to fret to Devon – he can’t do this. As Devon introduces Dr Neville, Neil refuses to ‘step aside’ – then ends up on the floor.