Monday, April 11th

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Two lawyers butt heads. With Mike about to lose his license, Leslie’s been summoned to Victor’s office. Vikki will be sitting in on the first two depositions; Billy and Phyllis. Never mind them not being ‘forthcoming’ – she wants to see if they lie.

Phyllis leaves yet another ‘call me’ message for Jack. Busy? Billy scoffs – what could be more important than these depositions.

In a hospital bed, a bruised Nikki wants Jack to keep her secret – for the sake of the family. Nikki needs someone to count on – please let it be you. Jack seems unwilling to let Nikki off the hook.

At CL’s, Mariah, Natalie, and Kevin are dismayed that what little assets Passkey has is frozen pending the outcome of the trial. Natalie blames herself for screwing Kevin over. Spotting Summer’s arrival, Mariah hopes she can help them.

Ian strolls over to Victor’s cell to ask if he needs help. Of course the resourceful man managed to get out of his cell – and Victor better accept his offer ‘sooner rather than deader’.

Nikki’s got her lies in order – the driver of the car was relieved that she didn’t want to call the police because she’s fine. You’re NOT fine – you’ve been drinking, Jack disapproves of the lies and excuses. You didn’t call me to turn my back while you crawl back into a bottle – you called me because you knew I’d get in your face. No, Nikki wants Jack’s support. No – you want me to lie and cover your mistakes – and Jack resents the hell outta that!

Natalie and Mariah have both failed to get through to ‘her highness’ – it’s Kevin’s turn to take a shot at Summer. Project snowflake is on. Kevin asks to speak to Summer alone. She wants Luca to stay. Kevin knows perjury is scary. He’s not asking Summer to lie – he’s offering her a way out.

Billy grumbles about Jack acting like Passkey is a curse that ruins relationships – but that’s not true, is it? Phyllis and Jack are solid – right? Mike interrupts to say he’s sure Jack will be here (and send Billy inside) As Mike and Phyllis butt heads some more, Billy’s sworn in (under Vikki’s watchful eye)

Victor doesn’t need Ian’s advice. But Ian has information, repeats that he’s resourceful – a wandering spirit can’t be contained by walls (yes, he has a plan to escape) As Victor mocks Ian, the warden appears to ask why Ian’s not in his cell.

Mariah gives the weird, geeky Natalie a pep talk – Kevin’s got this. And don’t make me be nice to you again.

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