Wednesday, April 13th

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On the patio, Summer continues to whine about the deposition. Tell the truth – it’s who you are, Luca repeats. Phyllis appears to request a moment alone with her daughter – so she can warn Summer that she’s choosing the wrong side. And why the hell does Luca care which side of the family you choose? (Phyllis implies that he has motive)

Billy’s coaching Mariah, Natalie and Kevin (who’s happy Mike’s dealing with his disbarment, so won’t be giving him stink-eye while he lies at the deposition) But will Summer tank us. Vikki drops by to wonder if Billy’s teaching the kids how to get away with their crimes. Be careful or you’ll wind up just like him.

At the lab, Hilary announces that she’s on the Abbott Winters Foundation board. How did you make that happen? Devon wonders.

At the club, Neil scolds Jack for adding Hilary to the foundation’s board without even consulting him. As the blackmail comes out, Ashley appears. Why didn’t she tell Jack? She didn’t know how to tell her brother she was dying.

Jack thinks I’ll be a great asset to the Foundation, Hilary grumbles that Devon should be supporting his wife. Backing down, Devon does a retake – he’s so proud of Hilary getting what she wants on her own merits, without stepping on anyone.

Jack’s stunned to hear Ashley almost died, and that she didn’t tell him. So Neville’s treatment IS working miracles. Does Abby know? Yes, but Jack’s the first in the family to know. Jack now realizes why Ashley was so exhausted. Ashley didn’t want the family worried about her – it was the right choice. Taking her hand, Jack vows she’ll never experience anything like this alone again.

Natalie, Mariah and Kevin scurry out. They seem guilty as sin, Vikki makes one more jab about Billy’s lies – but is there to discuss Johnny’s school play. You can’t stop me from going, Billy complains. You won’t be able to get in without this, Vikki hands him a ticket.

Luca could be using you to blow up your family, Phyllis warns Summer – and adds that she could go to prison if Summer tells the truth. Can’t you defend your Mother like you did your Grandpa? You’re no better than he is, Summer’s frustrated – you kidnapped someone too.

Phyllis points out the differences between her kidnapping Adam vs. Victor kidnapping Jack. Yes, Phyllis crossed the line – driven to it by Victor. Do you not understand what happened to me!? Phyllis fought back. Yes – with other people’s lives. How could you do that to Chelsea? Phyllis regrets hurting people but if we get through this the war will be over for good. Summer looks torn.

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