Friday, April 16th

I wasn’t able to watch the show so my 15 year old daughter emailed me this at 1 am. I haven’t read it, but it looks pretty detailed considering she never watches the show. OK, so I just noticed she has no idea who the characters are but A for effort. I’m making no corrections.

Jack enters, searching for Lily. She comes downstairs wearing only a dress shirt, says she couldn’t find robe. Jack tells Billy he’s fired. Both look shocked.

Vikki enters with Mitch (investigator/police officer?) It is late at night and she wants to visit Victor, who has previously refused visits with Vikki’s mother. Victoria says, ‘he may reject his family, but not his business’ She gives Mitch a note to pass on to her father.

In a hospital room at the jail, the investigator enters and tells Victor his daughter is there to visit. Victor asks which one and says he doesn’t want to see Vikki. Mitch gives him to note but instead of opening it he tears it to pieces.

In a restaurant, Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie sit. Mariah is not happy, while Natalie and Kevin want to celebrate their success. Kevin brings up the deposition, says Vikki will have to drop the lawsuit and as a result they will get their money. Summer enters and reveals she told Vikki the truth.

Billy still in shock, asks if he is really fired. Phyllis reminds Jack they all had to lie including him. She says they did the right thing for the family. Jack says Leslie and Victoria planned on moving ahead with the lawsuit until they met up. Victoria agreed to drop the lawsuit on the condition that Jack must drop Billy from the company.

Jack says he split the profits from Pass Key with Newman as a silent partner. Jack and Phyllis go back and forth, she says Jack should take it out on her, not Billy, his own brother. Jack says Victoria gave him no choice, that she can prove they all perjured themselves. Phyllis knows it is Summer who told the truth. Billy calls Jack self-righteous and says his addiction isn’t to pills, it’s to get to Billy. Jack tells Lily to get her clothes but Billy tells Jack to leave.

Summer explains why she told the truth, but Kevin calls bullshit. Kevin, Mariah and Natalie tell Summer she has to go back and talk to Victoria. Summer refuses. Luca enters and says that’s enough.

Victor and Doctor Meredith discuss Victoria’s note. Victor says it’s none of the Doctor’s business. Meredith asks what he’s so afraid of and is met with a rant by Victor explaining the danger inside prison and how his daughter is the last thing to make him afraid.

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