Monday, April 18th

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A pissy Adam hangs up after a call as Chelsea comes downstairs eyes glued to her tablet. Newman’s dropping the lawsuit. Jabot’s sharing Passkey with them and has fired Billy! One more thing we have in common – Adam just got fired too!

At NE, Nick also reads the news. Vikki takes credit – Passkey wasn’t Billy’s deal, it was his obsession. It was her idea to fire Billy, not Jack’s. It was best for business – even if Dad doesn’t agree. Yes, she went to see him. I can run this company and my life!

Awakening in Luca’s bed, Summer gets a text from Kyle – thinking of you. Luca’s back from an early meeting to serve Summer breakfast in bed. Stay – please – he doesn’t regret last night. Do you? No, she doesn’t.

Kevin plucks up his courage before joining Mariah at CL’s. Did he convince Natalie to cut Mariah in on Passkey profits? She finds it odd that Natalie’s not returning Kev’s calls – usually, she can’t stay away from you.

Patty’s delighted by Paul’s visit and that he, Todd and Steve still protect her. Now for a favour – get me out of here!

After dropping Faith off at school, Sage delivers her drawings for Sully to the ranch. There’s silence as she asks to hold him (Sage looks at Sully the way I look at lemon meringue pie)

Dylan leaves Sage holding Sully and confiding in Sharon that she misses Christian – and David (who was never hers) He was in your heart, Sharon’s thanked for her understanding. I love you, Sage chirps at Sully. She’ll see Sharon later (for work) Outside, Sage pauses briefly to watch Sharon with Sully.

Confronted by Natalie at the club, Summer’s ‘sorry, not sorry’ – she didn’t want to lie under oath. When Luca comes down to give Summer a bracelet she forgot, Natalie calls Summer out on her ‘walk of shame’ (don’t you have a boyfriend? Summer’s NOT ashamed and Natalie has NO clue about human relations, boyfriends or friends. So save it, she marches through the revolving door.

Mariah rants about Natalie being shady – she even played Victor! Passkey was HER idea, Kevin reminds. And Jack told her to do whatever she wanted with her profits. Basically, Mariah’s pissed because she put her butt on the line and is left high and dry. Tell Natalie I deserve a cut – get me my share. Or what? Kevin wonders.

Back at NE, Vikki summarizes Victor’s tirade; saying that she made a weak business decision in making a deal with Jack. But she didn’t back down. That proves you ARE tough enough, Nick knows that in time, Victor will forgive them. It’s how the Newman’s roll. Dad might not say it, but Nick’s proud of Vikki (you’re perfect for that chair) Yes, you’re lucky to have a brother like me.

Fired? Why? Chelsea wonders. The CEO talked about taking the company in a different direction, Adam got the impression it wasn’t his call. Whose was it then? Both realize; Victor.

Seriously – what are you gonna do if I can’t get Natalie to cut you in? Move out? Unfollow me on social media? Kevin has no control over Natalie – this isn’t how he wanted this to play out. Mariah cares more about ‘us’ than the cash. And that’s exactly why the geek turned glamour kitten cut Mariah out. She thinks she can have you for a price. On cue, Natalie enters to support that theory. There you are! she beams at Kevin. Mariah gives him the ‘I told you so’ look.