Thursday, May 5th

At the club for dinner, Jack mentions Phyllis’ obsession with getting Billy and Vikki back together – or did Billy say enough and give Phyllis the big kiss off.

At the park, Abby asks Cane and Lily how the fire started. Neil’s glad no one got hurt. Abby and her baby were hurt – by ‘that kid’. You should worry about your guests while that little arsonist is staying there.

Dylan drops by Ben’s suite, not with an apology – but to say that the fire was started deliberately. He needs Max’s fingerprints and a sample of his DNA. Max looks worried.

Ashley’s annoyed when Hilary arrives at the lab late for a meeting SHE called. 60 minutes want to do an interview with Hilary. An investigative show? No, Ashley won’t let Hilary destroy them on TV.

Phyllis didn’t get the kiss off – she’s just letting Billy handle his own life (as she flashes back to kissing him) Billy blows things up. Some women find that attractive; women in this room, Jack gestures towards the door as Billy arrives with a date.

Max is a child, Ben disapproves of him being treated like a criminal. Dylan wants to rule Max out – it could be over today. Ben calls Max over – we’re gonna shut the accusations down today. Gloves on, Dylan has a swab – this’ll be quick.

Back at the park, Neil thinks it pretty diabolical for a kid to set a fire. Abby’s sure Max was trying to erase evidence that he caused her fall. Could he have overheard Lily talking about the police coming to look at the footage? He may have overheard us, Lily admits. Abby needs to know – who knows what Max will do next. After she leaves, Neil coaches the Ashby’s on getting Charlie to open up. After Lily leaves, Cane praises Neil as being a good role model. Naw, Neil’s made mistakes – sometimes you can be your own worst enemy.

Hilary’s in charge of publicity – 60 minutes will get our message out to the public. Last time you undermined us and the project, Ashley blames Hilary rushing for a patient almost dying. You think you’re powerful because of Devon’s money, but the Abbott’s have clout. Watch your step.

Jack tells Phyllis that Billy’s date is former model Fiona Hendley (now a successful buyer who puts Jabot’s products on the shelf) Our new competitor is wooing our biggest buyer. She doesn’t know Billy’s in self-destruct mode – just that each has something the other wants.

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