Wednesday, May 4th

You have a … Sharon stammers at Nick in tears. I can’t stand to watch you suffer… Your wife and baby boy torn away from you – when I can … You can move on – I can help you. Nick, Dylan and everyone gathered look puzzled.

Marisa pays Victor a visit – she’s there about Luca; not her husband, her EX husband. What did he say? A lot of drivel of no interest to Victor. You can’t trust him. He’s a bigger threat than you realize, Marisa warns.

In a suite at the club, Luca pays up. You won’t like what I found out, his investigator reports.

Downstairs, an alarm goes off as Lily questions Max and Charlie. Did you pull the alarm like you did at the coffee house? There’s a real fire, everyone out! a staff member comes along to herd the group (including Ben) towards the revolving door.

What are you saying? My wife and son are dead – how can you possibly make that better? Nick wonders. By telling the truth, Sharon says (as Dylan stands beside her) The truth is… everyone is here to comfort you. You’re not alone. She’s right, Vikki and Summer flock to Nick’s side.

A firefighter reports that the fire’s out. Back inside, Ben comforts Max. It started in the server room, Devon announces. Lily reassures Charlie. You should say sorry to me and Charlie, Max gripes. Mind your manners, Ben reminds that they pulled the alarm at CL’s. She hates me, just like Abby, Max whines. After Ben takes Max away, Lily and Devon note that Charlie’s upset.

The Minister blesses Sage and the crowd. Noah hugs his Dad as Summer goes to chat with Vikki. Mike will leave it up to Nick (and the family) whether they want to read the will today. Adam (with Chelsea) isn’t impressed to see Dr Gates. Why are you here?

Luca isn’t satisfied that Rodney has no dirt on Vikki. You didn’t even go into Hanks (the bar) Maybe she was meeting someone. Go inside next time – eavesdrop. Everyone has a weak spot, and Luca wants to use it.

Victor knows all about Luca. You know he’s sleeping with Summer? Marisa warns it’s not just a fling. He’s manipulating her as he did me. You underestimate his ambition. He wants your chair. A lot of people do, Victor says ‘good luck to them’.

Back at the park, Adam introduces Dr Gates to Summer and Vikki (who wonders what she wants to share) Victor asked her to come on his behalf. He loves you and wants to repair his relationships. He acts strong but you broke his heart. If you forgive Victor, your family can heal.

At the revolving door, Charlie doesn’t have much to say to his suspicious Mom and Uncle. He’s thirsty. At the bar, Ben tries to convince Max that Abby doesn’t hate him. On cue, Abby appears. Hearing that the fire destroyed anything on the servers, Abby steps aside to leave Dylan a message to meet her at the club. She then tells Ben that she thinks Max set the fire.

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