Tuesday, May 3rd

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Today’s a day to say goodbye to Sage, Nick tells Faith; who, with a hug declares that Sage is with the angels, and Christian now.

At home, Dylan calls Lily to request access to the surveillance footage of Abby’s fall (as requested by Abby) But no, there’s no reason to suspect foul play. Sharon comes down in jeans – she can’t go to the funeral.

At the office, Nikki talks about being strong for Nick. Yes, today is all about him – that’s why Vikki will get this off her chest now. Why did you give Victor’s only supporter on the board (Curtis) your proxy vote!?


Given a clean bill of health, Victor tells Dr Gates that he’s fine with being punished for using her phone (reduced exercise time) Likening himself to Gate’s Father, perhaps Victor can help her sympathize with him. When Dr Gates points out a disconnect, Victor assures that he’s not looking for forgiveness from his family (they seek forgiveness from him)

Chelsea comes down to find Adam troubled – remembering that it was at Christian’s memorial that Victor found out he Fathered him. No one will question your grief, Chelsea assures. Mike drops by. Sage’s executor informs that Adam’s named in the will.

We can’t stay in bed forever – Summer has to shower and get to Sage’s memorial. Luca’s offer to accompany her is declined. OK, he’ll be here waiting for her. My Dad has enough to deal with today, Summer appreciates Luca understanding.

What are you doing here (the club)? Max asks rudely. Abby’s here to talk to Ben. You’re wasting your time – he’ll never forgive you for what you said to me, Max snaps, then gives Abby one more death glare before heading off to play with Charlie. No, Lily isn’t worried that Max is a bad influence – she’ll keep a close eye on them. Abby realizes what she’s accusing Max of is horrible – but she’s sure he’s responsible. Investigating this could ruin your marriage, Lily wonders if it’s worth the risk.