Tuesday, May 17th

Nikki’s spent the morning with Sully at the park when Dylan joins them. Sully is such a blessing, they agree – the very best part of us.

At home, Mariah wonders why Sharon’s so agitated – what do you think is in Sage’s journal? Sharon’s just worried about Nick. No, you’re scared, Mariah wants the truth – what do you think Nick will find out!?

Journal in hand, Nick barges into the penthouse. Adam’s not home, Chelsea informs. Nick wants to know what was in Sage’s letter to him.

Adam visits Victor – to gloat about foiling his plan to cozy up to Judge Gates via his daughter, and to put his Dad on notice that he’ll block any scheme to get out of prison early.

Lauren’s at the club to give Mike good news – she’s been doing some research at GCU’s law library; Mike can appeal his suspension. Mike knows. Then why haven’t you done anything about it? Lauren snaps.

Mariah continues to badger Sharon – I’m on your side. I didn’t blab about the miscarriage. Dylan loves you – he’d understand (she worries Sharon will have another break down) If you can’t talk to me, talk to Dylan. Sharon can’t – it’s Sully. What about Sully!?

Back at the park, Nikki and Dylan talk about Sage finding comfort in Sully. Nick’s lost so much but Dylan thinks it a good sign that he wanted to see Faith. Nikki hopes he can move on with his life.

Nick doesn’t believe that Adam didn’t show Chelsea Sage’s letter. He hoped reading her journal would make him feel closer to Sage – but getting to the part about when Adam came into her life… What he did is unforgivable.

Nikki grumbles about Victor controlling things from prison; getting Adam fired, selling Brash n Sassy, sending Dr Gates to Sage’s memorial (trying to get to her Father) Nikki got so rattled last night talking to Dr Gates that she almost had a drink (at the club and then the park) She must take responsibility for her sobriety though (and not blame Victor)

Victor knows that Adam (and the family) are worried about what he’ll do to them. No, Adam’s not worried – he’ll ensure Victor serves his full ten years. We’ll go on without you. It’s killing you that you have no control over us DAD.

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