Wednesday, May 18th

Adam doesn’t think Sage revealed Christian’s paternity in her journal. Well, Nick was pissed, Chelsea knows it’s not good.

At the park, Nick cuts Sharon off – he needs Dylan to listen to him. Sage wouldn’t lie about this. You need to arrest Adam – for murder. That’s crazy, Sharon blurts out. Dylan (holding Sully) asks why Adam killed.

In the corner of Hank’s, Luca smirks at his photos of Vikki and Travis – then belly’s up to smirk at Travis.

At the office, Vikki complains about NE’s energy division – the execs are dinosaurs who don’t listen to her. These facts and figures will earn their respect (she rudely dismissed Summer’s offer to help)

At the GCAC, Kevin’s happy to hear that Mike’s appealing his suspension. Lauren pushed him. Women do that, Kevin sees Mariah order a drink at the bar. Also spotting her, Mike can’t really tell Mariah’s smiling face from her frowning face, but what’s wrong with her? Kevin’s not sure but it’s not good.

Adam killed Constance, Nick announces (per Sage’s journal) But Constance was like a Mother to her – why would Sage protect Adam? Dylan wonders. Maybe she was afraid of what he’d do to her, Nick suggests.

Mike understands why Mariah’s pissed off at Kevin – you and Natalie got matching custom hoverboards last week. The glamour shots of your classic car on social media might also be irritating. Now with Natalie busy fixing Passkey, Kevin misses his old best friend? Yes – he hates that she moved out. Go – tell HER. At the bar, Kevin orders two shots and asks Mariah if she’s OK. No, she is far from OK.

Back at the park, Nick reads from Sage’s journal; Adam killed Constance in cold blood. Does that sound like a dream to you!? Maybe she found out that Adam was posing as Gabriel. My wife suffered because of this. If Dylan won’t investigate, Nick will go to Paul. OK, Dylan will look into it. But what did Sharon want to tell him? Never mind – Sharon’s left to suggest Nick go home and rest. Nick’s upset that Sage didn’t confide in him. How can you look someone in the eye and lie to them over and over again?

Adam has many questions. No, Chelsea didn’t tell Nick what was in the letter or that they burned it. He said you needed to pay. Adam has no idea what it’s about. It must be a mistake. Chelsea isn’t quite convinced – perhaps Adam’s keeping yet another secret?

Over his green drink, Luca chats with the bartender. Oh, the stories Travis could tell.

Vikki’s sorry if she hurt Summer’s feelings – and is finally impressed with all Summer’s knowledge (as she rattles off numbers and how to offset costs) Her apology is now sincere, but after her Father betraying her, Vikki doesn’t know who to trust anymore. Summer won’t let her Aunt down.

Mariah regrets moving back to Sharon’s – I can’t unknow what I know. Kevin wants to help – or you can come back home. This is insanity – so many people will get hurt, Maria continues to fret. But when Kevin’s phone goes off (a safari-sounding alert) Mariah decides she should be living with her family (and marches out)

Sage wanted to protect you, Sharon tells Nick. But why didn’t she trust me with this secret? Nick whines. That would make all the pain and loss real, Sharon thinks living in denial can keep the world from falling apart, especially when you’ve lost so much already. Don’t drive yourself crazy with questions you’ll never be able to answer. If Nick’s finished the journal, there’s no more surprises. Nick read about Sage’s depression over losing Christian. She didn’t deserve this. Sharon looks upwards as she hugs Nick.