Friday, June 3rd

Again? Ashley visits Billy – GCM is going to start charging you rent. Billy’s fine – his ego took the worst of it. He grumbles that Jack wasted no time blabbing that he had a female passenger. Ashley scolds him – a lot of people love you – you have a great job. What the hell do you want Billy?

At the club, Jack gripes to Phyllis. He knows there’ll be a ‘next time’ with Billy – his whole life is one wild ride. He doesn’t care who he hurts – even if it’s people he loves.

In the park, Ben wants his son to have his mind, life and soul back – but after this surgery, he may have trouble talking or moving. How can Abby make this better for Ben? You’re my wife – tell me what to do.

At GCM, Neville’s given the latest blood tests from his trial (the suspension is over) No, no, no, no – you handled the samples personally? Yes, the nurse replies – is there a problem. Yes, there is.

Neil joins Hilary at the club to say that since their revamped drug will be out by fall (and her hands will be full with that) he’s more than happy to pick up the slack at the foundation. No way – Hilary won’t be pushed out. People who underestimate me live to regret it. Devon appears – what’d I miss?

Back at the park, Abby thinks Ben should take his emotions out of the equation (impossible as that is) What would Max choose? He’d want to be himself again, Ben thanks Abby. He’s impressed that she cares about him – after what we lost. But when Abby offers to come with him to talk to Max, Ben wants to do it alone. They share a hug and I love you’s. Abby’s left looking sad and alone.

Devon’s surprised to hear that the new drug is set for release in the fall. That’s what the press release said, Neil just assumed that as financial backer, Devon would know before the general public. I guess not, Devon’s not happy.

Phyllis defends Billy – he didn’t try to hurt anyone. Jack’s not buying it – he’s not an adolescent, actions have consequences that have deep and lasting effects. Phyllis looks ill.

Billy just wants to go home, shower and go to bed. OK, Ashley will back off – for the ride home. Bethany marches in to say she’s got Billy’s ride home covered. Sorry I’m late, she gives him a kiss.

Billy’s going to be just fine – he’ll wake up and go back to the kids, Phyllis is sure. Jack doesn’t think so – he sees no regret or remorse in Billy. It makes no sense that he’d throw it all away (his life with Vikki and the kids) And for what?

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