Monday, June 6th

At the club, Paul updates Chris that he’s investigating another angle to Adam’s case – Victor could have had the autopsy results altered to frame his son. Chris huffs – come ON, who’s side are you on??

Ian stops bu Victor’s table – you look melancholy – shall I call Dr Meredith. Oh, right, she left. Piss off or you’ll need a doctor, Victor then agrees to give Ian 2 minutes – sit down.

Vikki drops by the penthouse. Oh good – you put the suitcases away (to fight our Father) Yes, Adam and Chelsea have seen the news about the oil spill. Vikki has a feeling their Victor’s behind it.

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Summer’s surprised when a suited up Nick arrives at Vikki’s office to lend a hand. We should be grateful your Father’s here, Luca announces. We?! Nick’s not impressed.

Basket in hand, Sharon wants Dylan to join her for a picnic in the park. He wonders if she has an ulterior motive for wanting to spend the day with him and their son.

What Summer calls being invaluable to the company, Nick calls ingratiating himself to the family. And we’re more than dating – we’re living together. Nick’s eyebrows fuse together.

Dylan guesses that Sharon wants him to take a break from Newman drama (though she feels badly about what Nick and Adam are going through) Come enjoy this beautiful day – you need this, Sharon promises to make it worth Dylan’s while.

Paul’s gut is telling him Victor’s involved. Think of all the perverse plots between him and Adam. Chris has a hard time believing it – but yes, Victor would try. She can’t let him make a fool out of her in court = again.

Adam and Chelsea have to admit that Victor could have had someone access the oil rig. And Vikki admits that she might be to blame (for not paying enough attention) Don’t give him that power, Adam coaches.