Tuesday, June 7th

At home, Paul shows Dylan the results of his investigation – our tech has been on a spending spree – the money trail is obvious. Is he THAT stupid? Only one way to find out. Dylan and Paul head out.

Chelsea tells Mike what she heard from Dylan; a lab tech who worked on Constance’s autopsy just bought an expensive boat. Victor must have paid him to frame Adam. Mike will look into it – but where’s Adam? We all need to be on the same page (which is why he’s not happy to hear that Adam went to the prison – to see someone even more dangerous than Victor)

Go ahead – make my day – did you get Victor to admit to framing me? Adam challenges. Ian pats himself on the back – he taunted TGVN for being an epic failure until Victor retaliated by boasting that he’d framed Adam. Ian got lots of ‘juicy morsels’. Great – Adam will send his lawyer over. Wait, Ian wants to talk about what HE gets out of this.

Luca’s manipulated Summer into falling in love with him – but Nick knows Vikki’s not that easily fooled. What does he have over you? As Luca listens, Nick continues to badger Vikki (who thinks they can use all the help they can get to thwart Victor) Why is Vikki so distracted? Is it Billy? No – and Vikki’s seen nothing to indicate that Luca will hurt Summer. When Luca enters the office, Vikki wants to clear the air – are you holding something over my head?

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Mike flips – did Adam not learn anything from his last partnership (in crime) with Ian!? Chelsea doesn’t see any other choice. Oh I dunno – trust your lawyer? Mike sputters – but can’t deny that having Ian elicit a confession out of Victor isn’t a bad idea. But beware – he hates Adam as much as he does Victor.

Yes, Adam got Ian out of solitary, but he wants further compensation. Never mind the list of things Victor’s done to Ian – he wants more than satisfaction. He wants a reward for giving Adam his freedom to watch his little boy grow up. What DO you want? Adam wonders.

Paul and Dylan meet James the lab tech at CL’s. Dylan plays up his inexperience – not wanting any surprised in court, they need to cross their T’s and dot their I’s – to ensure the guilty party is punished.

Luca’s not proud of his past – he understands why Nick would distrust him – but if he had dirt on Vikki, he wouldn’t settle for a lowly consultant job. Vikki’s starting to trust him and Luca hopes to earn Nick’s trust too (which blackmail won’t accomplish) Knowing there’s more to it, Nick will leave it for now. Vikki insists she’s comfortable working with Luca. After Nick leaves, she hopes to God she didn’t just lie to her brother.

Adam’s home for his lecture by Mike (who refrains from the high-fives when Adam claims that it worked – Ian got a confession out of Victor and is willing to testify) It’s a good start, Mike admits – but Ian lies as easily as he breathes, he takes glee in mayhem. Chris is going to rip Ian apart on the stand. Who cares what Ian’s done in the past – he has details of Victor setting me up. Mike knows Ian’s not doing it out of the goodness of his heart – what does he want? To be moved to a minimum security prison. This and the lab tech aren’t a slam dunk, Mike warns – we need to shoot holes in the prosecution’s case.

James is eager to explain the science behind the autopsy report. Tests can find the tiniest traces of poison. Chain of evidence? It’s done by the book. Dylan’s jealous of your new boat, Paul slips in. How do you know about that? James pales. Guys at the station were talking about it. James has been saving. Saving for a suite at the GCAC too? James just wants to surprise his girlfriend – do I need a lawyer? Paul thinks he better start talking.

Back at the office, Luca didn’t mention that Vikki was unreachable during the oil crisis – that’s not blackmail. If Vikki were under threat, she would have dealt with it appropriately. Luca’s glad they understand each other. If there’s something you need to keep private, you can trust me.

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