Thursday, September 1st

Today’s show opens with the Abbott kids (John’s anyway)

Chelsea’s about to enter the cabin when it explodes. Giving Connor a toy, Nick races over.

With Travis, Vikki’s at the ranch to wonder if Victor’s behind Adam’s escape. Travis seems to think so too. Who the hell is this? My boyfriend, Vikki announces.

Phyllis doesn’t appreciate Billy interrupting her work at Jabot – not here, not now. Billy thinks his Mother blackmailing her changes everything – I love you and you love me. Let’s go somewhere. Jack walks in to wonder what Billy’s doing here.

At the station, Paul’s got a break – cameras have caught Chelsea and Connor in the car. Dylan needs to be there when they’re found – safely. And if anyone goes down for this, it’s Victor.

Kevin’s put Bella to sleep in the living room – believing Chloe’s upstairs sleeping. He can’t come to the station because he’s babysitting.

Nick holds Chelsea as she screams Adam’s name outside the burning cabin.

Back at the ranch, Vikki introduces the man who stopped Luca from marrying Summer. Nikki doesn’t appreciate them discussing family business in front of a stranger. Travis is aware of Victor’s reputation. Victor suspects he wants money for stopping the wedding.

Billy was looking for Ashley. Jack relays visiting Victor – he’s lying when he says he doesn’t know where Victor and Chelsea are (even when Chris offered a deal – that included Connor’s safety) Billy wants to take both Phyllis and Jack out to dinner. As Phyllis tries to beg off, Ashley arrives to add more pressure – an Abbott family dinner sounds good.

When a witness comes over to say she called 911, Nick claims they saw it from the road and asks the woman to go meet the fire trucks that can be heard. Chelsea leaves Adam a frantic message – hoping he’s made it to the plane. Nick persuades Chelsea to get in the car – Connor needs you. And off they go.

Paul and Dylan arrive at the motel room (where Chelsea’s car’s been returned to) They were here – but aren’t now. Meanwhile, it looks like Chloe (and her dart gun) have made it back to the penthouse closet.

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