Wednesday, August 31st

Holding a press conference at the station, Dylan gives details on Chelsea and the car she’s driving – it’s urgent that they’re found safely.

No, you’re NOT turning yourself in, Chelsea argues. But Connor needs to see a doctor – it’s the only way. Wait, Chelsea has another idea.

Listening to the press conference, Victor gripes about Nikki’s son sealing the fate of HIS son. Dylan’s doing his job, Nikki points out. Jack the arrives – this may be Victor’s only chance to do right by his son.

Lily ends a call and joins Devon to ask about Neil seeing his Mother. It’s not OK that he kept us in the dark. Devon also feels that sometimes the past is best left in the past.

Yes, it’s really me – the doctors say you’re not doing well, Neil says. Lucinda gushes over her successful son – she kept up with him and his beautiful family. Neil doesn’t see why (since she didn’t want to be part of it)

Nick’s at Sharon’s to whine about Dylan tattling on Chelsea. He waited, Sharon explains that withholding evidence would be a crime that could result in Dylan being taken from her and Sully. No, of course that’s not what Nick wants.

Back at the station, Paul and Chris touch base with Dylan – everyone’s looking for Adam and Chelsea – the license plate/car isn’t registered. Victor covers his tracks. Dylan wants to confront Victor again. Wait, Chris has an idea.

Adam knows that the cops are looking for him. Chelsea will go – if she’s caught, she’ll lie and say she wasn’t with him. Adam can escape and they’ll hook up later.

Jack wants Victor to put an end to this manhunt – tell Adam to turn himself in. Nikki’s quick with her defence – Victor doesn’t know where Adam is; he’s under house arrest. As Connor’s guardian, it’s Jack’s duty. When Victor talks of his ‘son’, Jack claims he’s been more of a Father to Adam – and YOU know it!

Lily thinks Devon should want to know about Neil’s family. Think of how different things would be if he didn’t know Katherine and Tucker. Good point, Devon admits. Yes, 2.4 billion points. Lily’s sure there was love between Neil and his Mother.