Tuesday, October 4th

At the station, Mariah sneaks off to leave Sharon yet another urgent ‘call me’ message.

Visiting Patty, Sharon wouldn’t want to jeopardize her progress so hasn’t told anyone about the calls. Patty isn’t worried – your oven wasn’t baking any bun. Soon the whole world will know that baby’s not yours.

Detective McAvoy finds repairman ‘Vince Malaney’ working under the club’s bar. I’m gonna need you to answer some questions.

In Jack’s office Phyllis informs that she pulled an all-nighter to finish her work (and notes he’s removed his wedding ring) Jack continues to give Phyllis the cold shoulder – you work for me.

At Brash n Sassy, Billy’s annoyed that Vikki’s too busy texting her boyfriend to pay attention to work.

Victor’s putting some suited guy on notice to look out for any threats. In the hallway, Summer gives Travis a tour (though he seems to know everything and everyone already) Now in Victor’s office, Travis rejects taking over Vikki’s old office – he wants Adam’s.

Jack returns to his office – oh, you’re still here. Phyllis was senior VP days ago – I was ‘indispensable’ – put me to work. Jack was forced to keep Phyllis and will decide her capacity. If you’re not happy, quit. Ashley arrives – we wouldn’t want you to be unhappy.

OK, Vikki is texting Travis and she’s distracted – it’s his first day on the job. Billy cracks some jokes – your Father’s luring him to the dark side. Go check up on him – have lunch – then come back and concentrate. Reassures it’s OK, Vikki leaves Billy to work alone.

After Summer leaves, Victor touches upon what Adam meant to him. It’s just an office (a bigger one) Travis wants to make an impression; it’s about perception. He doesn’t want to come across as someone who slept his way in. Victor chuckles – that’s what you did.

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