Monday, October 3rd

Sharon’s alarmed to find Dylan on the phone with a very busy-at-work Kevin. Questioned by Paul, he doesn’t reveal what the favour is. Meanwhile, Sharon tries to convince Dylan that he’s blowing things out of proportion. When Mariah comes down to ask what’s going on, Dylan blurts out ‘your Mom has a stalker’. What are you waiting for!? Mariah’s alarm earns her weird faces from Sharon.

At Newman, Summer and Abby discuss Travis being fast-tracked. Getting a call from Ben, Abby’s too busy to meet or go see the doctor (to see if there’s any reasons she’s not pregnant) So that’s how you’re working out marital problems? Summer remarks – lying to him?

Connor’s playing on a blanket, as Chelsea blathers on about Adam. When Nick gets up and walks off a few feet, a puzzled Chelsea follows – what’s wrong? she asks.

Nick’s fine – he must have gotten sand in his eye from the playground. Chelsea’s not buying it – or any of his other excuses. Now, what’s going on? This truck reminds Nick of Noah and missing Christian. Chelsea understands reliving the pain and loss – she almost poured Adam coffee the other day. Now it’s back to joking.

Talk to your husband, Summer orders Abby – figure out what you’re doing and whether you’re doing it with Stitch – or alone.

Back at the station, Paul knows Kevin’s working on something with Dylan – does it have anything to do with Victor? (he hopes not) Swearing it’s not, Kevin’s told to give Dylan whatever he needs.

Mariah and Dylan continue to be concerned about this ‘stalker’. Make sure the doors and windows are locked, Dylan leaves for the station. Sharon updates Mariah that Patty’s the one calling – it’s a disaster.

After some fun time with Connor, Nick confides how much he misses Christian to a sympathetic Chelsea.

Sharon tells Mariah that Patty sent a doll to Faith then started calling the house and her cell phone. She’s taunting me, and …. reminded that she knows I wasn’t pregnant. Dylan vows to find out who it is. She’s crazy, Mariah points out. Continuing to fret, Sharon demands Mariah go pump Kevin for info (then calls to summon Paul to visit Sully)

At the station, Kevin tells Dylan that the calls are originating from a cell phone. He’s given ONE donut and can have the rest when he comes up with something.

At GCM, a serious looking Abby asks Ben to close the door to the doctor’s lounge.