Monday, October 10th

** Yesterday was delayed due to it being Thanksgiving here in Canada **

Bumping into Billy as he comes down from his suite, Victor assumes Jill kicked him out after seeing the video. What video? Billy wonders.

At home, Vikki watches video online of Billy and Travis’ bar-fight. She rants at Travis but is madder at Billy – I won’t let him take Brash n Sassy down.

When Billy doesn’t seem concerned about the video, Victor notes his lack of control and claims he threw away everything his respectable Father, John Abbott, left him. Billy reminds Victor of that today is the anniversary of the day his son, Adam, took everything from him.

Uncle Nick’s taken Connor and Chelsea to the park for kite lessons. Discussing it being a hard day for Chloe, Chelsea admits that she’s relieved that Chloe didn’t ask for her support today – but she can’t stop thinking about Delia.

Ester’s looking at a photo of Chloe and Delia on her phone when Jill comes in for coffee – and to see Delia’s other grandmother. On this date, everything changed for both of us, forever.

At the penthouse, Chloe talks to an oblivious Bella about today being a hard day. You’re my little lifesaver. Kevin drops by to see how Chloe is – he knows she doesn’t want to be around him today (which is pretty obvious)

What makes Kevin think Chloe doesn’t want to spend time with him? You won’t let me in – Kevin believes Chloe still feels guilty about being out on a date the night Delia died. No, things are different now – but Chloe just wants to spend this day with Bella. Kevin’s happy for Chloe. She claims to be happy too but is left troubled by a framed photo of Adam, Chelsea and Connor.

Back at CL’s, Jill tells Ester that Billy’s in another downwards spiral – he goes through life stumbling in the dark. Chloe was lost too, Ester tells Jill not to give up. In tears, Jill’s afraid her boy will never find peace.

Travis is glad Vikki forgave him for not being honest about his past. She loves and trusts Travis – and is no longer wound up about Billy. Victor needs to see me NOW, Travis gets a text.

Victor has no respect for Billy (who doesn’t care) My son took responsibility for Delia’s death – you forgave him in court, Victor reminds. Forgiveness isn’t enough on a day like this, Billy scowls as he exits.

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