Friday, October 10th

I need help! Sharon calls as she carries a big Halloween decoration through the front door. Running down in a towel, Nick ends up on the floor. Sharon’s laughing at him as Kevin and Mariah walk in.

At the penthouse, Chloe sews a costume as she babbles to Chelsea about Halloween and Bella. What’s wrong? Everything, Chelsea says through tears.

Lily’s brought the twins to buy a pumpkin at the park. They’re pouting because Daddy’s not with them – all he does is work.

At Brash n Sassy, Cane gets a call from Lauren, then informs Jill that ‘Bare’ is flying off the shelves – she needs more. Vikki thinks Cane’s gamble on ad buys paid off. Not quite, Jill doesn’t share their happiness.

Having summoned Phyllis to his office, Jack needs her skillset – he’s ready to make a move against Victor (but it doesn’t change anything between us) Showing her a flashdrive, Jack reports that NE’s not doing as well as Victor’s telling everyone – he’s lying to his family and board members. They’ll all feel betrayed, Phyllis gets it. Jack plans to take this ‘corporate fraud’ to Chris. Phyllis has a better idea …. Ashley comes in to wonder what they’re doing with their heads together.

We can’t deliver that amount of units that fast, Jill worries that empty shelves will affect sales. Cane suggests going offering the manufacturer incentives. Harrison inherited the company, Billy doesn’t think the CEO interested – he’s just interested with schmoozing. Vikki negotiated with his Father and will make JR an offer.

Deciding that Billy will go too, Jill can’t wait to run their success in Jabot’s face.

Ashley isn’t happy that Jack’s giving Phyllis another chance. She’s there to tell him that Bare is an overnight sensation. Phyllis is working on their strategy as we speak. Ashley called Harrison to increase production on their skin cream – they won’t be able to bump up Bare too. Jack thinks that outstanding.

Chelsea’s just not in the Halloween spirit – Adam will never take Connor trick or treating again. She wants to make this the best Halloween for Connor (especially after last year’s fiasco – the fire; Adam escaping custody to save them) He said he’d always come back for us – but not this time, she weeps. Chloe’s so sorry – let’s take the kids to the pumpkin patch. What would I do without you? Chelsea smiles.

No! Mariah does not need a demonstration of how Nick would take the stalker down by snapping his towel. Sharon hands Nick his shirt – it was an emergency (bringing Halloween decorations in) As Mariah goes to get the kids ready, Kevin updates Nick that they’re trying to find the stalker. Alone with Kevin, Sharon invites him to come to the pumpkin patch with them – then looks nervous as her phone rings.

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