Monday, October 17th

Something’s out there! Sharon’s sure – a person. As Nick goes to check, Paul appears at the front door – what’s going on? No, it wasn’t him Sharon saw – he didn’t pass by the window. Both Sharon and Mariah are on edge.

It’s just a flashdrive, Phyllis tells Billy to knock himself out. It’s all about physics darling – as Billy prepares to destroy the drive, he wonders what Phyllis is trying to hide.

At the penthouse, a bottle of wine is shared as a storm rages outside. Chloe goes upstairs (which leaves Kevin to confirm to Chelsea that he’s not giving up on Chloe)

Did you really see someone? Mariah takes Sharon aside to hiss. If so, this is a new level of ‘not good’. Paul tells Mariah to put the poker down and Nick’s to stay put. He’ll go out to look. Sharon nearly jumps out of her skin at the sound of thunder.

Putting a hand over Billy’s, Phyllis claims she’s destroying personal files. Jack would never assign her anything important. Give it to me … Billy won’t release the flashdrive – I think I’ll hang onto this.

Chatting with Chelsea, Kevin declines sleeping on the sofa; he might be needed at the station – and he doesn’t want to scare Chloe off. Baby steps – she’s worth it. Chelsea will leave a blanket out in case he changes his mind. Chloe rejoins them to toast cheers to ‘friendship’. Left alone, Kevin calls to check in with Mariah – and is updated that someone may be outside – stay on the line.

In the woods, Paul aims his flashlight in the direction of a sound he hears.

Paul’s back, Mariah updates Kevin and thanks him for staying on the line. There’s no sign of anyone outside but Paul will have the property ‘swept’ anyway. He then gets a call – what!? When? Keep me posted. Patty’s missing, he updates. Sharon’s looks about to faint as Nick and Mariah exchange a look.

Playing ‘keep away’ with the flashdrive, Billy leads Phyllis into the hallway – then manages to lead her into the hallway and run back into the office to lock the door. Give it back right now! Phyllis orders through the locked door – if you ever cared about me you won’t read those files.

Paul having left to look for Patty, Mariah’s locked all the doors. This is ridiculous, Sharon didn’t mean to put everyone on high alert – it was probably just a branch she saw, or Victor taking a walk. Doubting that, Nick goes to check on the kids. Patty’s on this property, Sharon frets to Mariah – she’s here to tell everyone the truth about Sully – tonight.

Through the locked door, Billy now knows the drive contains something important (he’s that kind of jerk who takes what’s not his) As he plugs the drive into Phyllis’ laptop, the lights go out.