Tuesday, April 4th

The morning of his wedding, Kevin’s at Mike’s discussing how Scott beat them all at poker. Updated that Chelsea answered Chloe’s phone and that the bride apparently drank herself into oblivion last night, Mike has to wonder what that’s about.

In the Underground office, Nick flashes back to confronting Chloe – who then passed out before Chelsea interrupted. He puts the dart gun back in the bag, which goes into a locker.

Chelsea awakens a hungover Chloe – here’s aspirin – Ester and I had to carry you to bed, she laughs. Chloe finds it weird to be in her old room (at the estate) She remembers Sharon taking her to Nick’s office and him questioning her. What kind of questions? Chelsea asks.

Busy behind Jack’s desk, Ashley doesn’t even look up when Ravi speaks to her. How did ‘operation new impression’ go? Phyllis asks him as he mopes in the hallway.

Billy’s back at BnS with Vikki’s favourite custard tarts and the hockey deal signed. Leading the way to the conference room, Vikki wants to hear all the gory details.

In Victor’s office, Scott won’t discuss how his interview with Abby went – and before he speaks to the other kids, he’d like to talk about the one he can’t; Adam. Scott wants to dig deeper. Turning his recorder on, Scott asks about Hope and Adam. Victor honoured Hope’s request to raise Adam alone. Things didn’t go well when he came to GC – there was always conflict. But Victor thinks that Adam died knowing his Father loved him.

No way is Chloe having second thoughts, Kevin insists to Mike – but he does have a bad feeling that something will prevent this wedding from happening.

As Chelsea questions her, Chloe flashes back to Nick confronting her. Was he asking you about the cabin? Adam? Yes, Chloe was confused – why did Nick throw her a party then grill her? Oh well, maybe he had a few drinks, she shrugs it off. Chelsea orders Chloe into the shower while she goes to run last minute errands.

In his office, Nick gets a text from Chelsea; Need to see you NOW!

Vikki’s not surprised that Billy made a good pitch and got on well with Leon. I’m proud of you. She has news for Billy too – I hired Juliet. Great, now let’s get back to us – Billy hasn’t forgotten their kiss and bets Vikki hasn’t either.

In his office, a disheartened Ravi loosens his tie. Phyllis arrives to hear about his epic fail – Ashley didn’t notice the new me – it was a waste of time. Phyllis disagrees – she was just busy. No, Ashley’s not into me, Ravi thinks it hopeless.

Back at Mike’s, Kevin frets about Gloria pulling a stunt and kidnapping him before he can marry Chloe. Mike will hogtie their Mother and drag her out if necessary. You will be a very married man today, he vows.

As Chloe does her makeup, Ester brings Bella in then goes to attend to last minute details. Today’s Mommy’s big day – we’ll be a family – Kevin will love and protect us, Chloe babbles. We’re going to an island – away from everyone. If things get messy we’ll stay on our honeymoon forever.

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