Monday, April 3rd

Sharon arrives at Underground as summoned for an update by Nick; he’s talked to Paul and throwing Chloe a bachelorette party in hopes she’ll confess. He needs Sharon’s help.

At the estate, Chelsea informs Chloe and Ester that no designated driver is needed – she’s got a limo waiting outside A veil pinned on her head, Chloe’s brought to tears of joy – oh how happy she is.

At Gloria’s desk, Phyllis isn’t surprised that she can’t reach Kevin. And Lauren? She’s busy with the bach…. of new shipments. Knowing a bachelor party when she smells one, Gloria marches out.

Paul, Scott and Kevin are gathered at Mike’s for poker and drinks. Kevin knows exactly what he’s getting into with Chloe – no surprises.

In Underground’s office, Nick tells Sharon that phone records prove that Chloe was near the cabin the night of the explosion. And she tossed this dart gun and wrench into a dumpster. Not fully convinced and not wanting Nick to be right, Sharon nevertheless agrees to help him learn the truth.

Wrapping up a meeting, Ashley asks Ravi to stay behind so she can show him an article on GC Buzz (with a photo of their ‘date’ at the opera) We should ask them to print a retraction, Ravi says immediately.

Mike has some marital advice – secrets are poison; they always hurt the one you love. Mariah arrives with booze and high-fiving the groom is ready to be dealt in for poker.

Nick’s plan is to get Chloe drunk enough to confess to killing Adam. We need answers before she and Kevin leave the country. Sharon is to distract Chelsea. You’re in right? Sharon feels the police should handle it. Nick needs more proof; a confession. Adam deserves justice. Sharon worries how Chloe will react. On cue, Chelsea, Chloe and Ester arrive – let’s get this party started!

In Jack’s office, Ravi swears he didn’t tell GC Buzz that they were on a date. Ashley’s not angry at being seen with a young handsome man who looked so ‘sophisticated’. She enjoyed the opera so much she’ll get two tickets next time. After Ashley leaves, Phyllis arrives to find Ravi wondering if he’s just been asked out on a date.

Poker going well and drinks flowing, Paul takes Mike aside to ask why Nick suddenly suspects Adam’s death wasn’t an accident.

Nick’s made a pitcher of a special drink; the Bridemopolitan; which Chloe wastes no time chugging back (encouraged by Sharon) Across the room, Chelsea gives Nick a hello and thank you kiss. She’s pleased that he and Chloe are getting along. Back at the booth Chloe continues to drink. Ester warns her to slow down. No worries – Chloe won’t feel anything but joy tomorrow.