Friday, April 7th

At the airport, Nick watches Victor take Chloe’s arm and take her into a building.

What’s the meaning of this? Why are you dressed like this? Victor asks. Ignoring the questions, Chloe asks her own – do you want to get rid of me for good? Call your pilot and get me on your plane (that’s right outside) You’ll never see me again. Make it happen – NOW.

At GC Buzz, Mariah wonders whether to run with the story or stay quiet. Scott’s right – she goes to fetch her laptop to do some research. Hilary appears to ask Devon what he’s doing there.

Back at the estate, Gloria hovers as Mike tells Kevin that Paul’s a man of his word – Chloe won’t be hurt. She needs help – I love her, Kevin whimpers. Mike needs Kevin to accept that Chloe’s guilty – she killed Adam. Ester appears looking equally glum.

Back at the airport, Nick answers his phone – Chelsea (still at Sharon’s) babbles that he was right – Chloe knocked me out and took off – no one knows where she is.

Chelsea’s sorry she didn’t listen to Nick – the cops are looking for Chloe but who knows how far she’s gotten.

Victor doesn’t want any part of this – I’m leaving – watch me. I’ll send you back to prison, Chloe threatens.

Chelsea updates Nick – Chloe held onto Adam’s ring. I switched it with Kevin’s ring – confronted her about everything. Chloe confessed. Nick needs to know if she said anything about working with someone else.

If Victor doesn’t help Chloe, she’ll tell everyone that they collaborated to frame Adam. What have you done that makes you so damn desperate? Victor wonders.

Why does Nick think Chloe had help? It just doesn’t seem possible that she could pull this off by herself. Her phone dying, Chelsea’s told that Nick’s in his car (a lie) OK – how long til you get home? (she’ll meet him there)

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