Thursday, April 13th

At Underground, Nikki reiterates to Vikki that emotionally, she’s already separated from Victor – but the world will never know that. We’re a united front, right? I’m with you Mom – and Nick understands too. Nikki’s not sure he can keep the secret without lashing out. Vikki’s glad Victor’s not coming tonight – but he won’t just lay down and take it.

Why’d you hit grandpa?! Faith runs into the stables to look accusingly at her Father (as Victor looks like a homeless man sitting on the corner)

Scott and Phyllis (her dress unzipped and sliding off) are going at it hot and heavy on the sofa.

Kevin walks in so focused on his phone that he doesn’t immediately spot Phyllis and Scott (now with his shirt off) Whoa – sorry, he looks away.

At CL’s, Jack and Sharon discuss Chloe. No one saw the signs. You, Chelsea and I were the only ones to get close to Adam – except Victor. Sharon feels sorry for him. Jack does NOT.

Daddy was just throwing a right-cross I taught him, Victor tells Faith – who’s relieved her Dad didn’t try to hurt her grandpa. Nick doesn’t try to hurt anyone, especially family (a verbal jab at Victor) We need to have a serious talk, he tells Faith after Victor leaves.

No, no – Billy didn’t walk in on anything. Nikki was just concerned about the party decorations. Now alone with Vikki, Billy wants to know what’s going on. Do you think I knew about Chloe? he wonders.

Across the room, Nikki lies when Abby wonders where Victor is. He must have had a last minute thing, she excuses herself and hurries off.

Tessa tells Noah how much she likes playing for her ‘groupies’ at CL’s. Sure she’d like to be rich and famous but the music is what matters. Nikki joins them to invite Tessa over anytime to practice – the house needs more music. Maybe grandpa will pick up an instrument, Noah jokes. That’ll never happen, Nikki snaps – I mean, he’s too impatient. Excuse me, she again runs off – puzzling Noah and Tessa.

I should have knocked, Kevin averts his eyes and rambles on about what a bad idea it was coming here. Sorry about Chloe – gotta go, Phyllis thanks Scott for the drink and runs for the door, Scott following her into the hall. What just happened? Phyllis isn’t sure but Lauren may have been right about giving him a chance. Giggling, she runs away.

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