Monday, June 5th

At the church, Kevin ignores Chelsea for the most part and loses his mind on Nick – blaming him for Chloe killing herself. How dare you show your face here! he’s physically restrained by Mike.

On the CL’s patio, Hilary hopes Juliet’s not having second thoughts. This power move is knocking some selfish people on their trust fund behinds. They’re the ones who should be nervous, not you.

As the Ashby’s kiss in the lab, Vikki and Billy are in the office reacting to Juliet’s sexual harassment lawsuit; a ridiculous act of revenge. Billy doesn’t get it – she seemed fine when he saw her earlier. She clearly wasn’t as magnanimous as she wanted you to believe, Vikki concludes.

Maddie takes a seat at the park cafe and listens to Reed singing along to his guitar. Given the dollar coin some guy tossed into his coffee, Maddie impresses Reed by helping him with lyrics. Yes, music’s his ‘thing’ – what’s your thing? he wonders.

Vikki needs to speak to each staff member separately before saying more to Billy. Barry then calls to ask about getting Lily out of her exclusive contract. Hanging up, Vikki summons the Ashby’s into her office to ‘get a few things straight’.

Father Todd reminds the mourners why they’re here today – none of us are free of sin. Let’s think of Bella. Nick will leave, he just wanted to say how sorry he is. Chelsea’s heart breaks for Kevin. As they leave, Paul arrives – all OK? It is now, Kevin’s ready to say goodbye.

At Maddie’s request, Reed returns her binder – those are some advanced classes, he notes – then invites her to open mic night. Oh, my gosh – Maddie checks the time on her phone, packs up and leaves. Pausing, she gives him a better rhyme for ‘kickboxing’ (‘outfoxing’ might be more appropriate than ‘detoxing’)

Back on the CL’s patio, Hilary reassures Juliet – you’ll win for all the women who’ve been sexually harassed. Juliet appreciates how great Hilary’s been – she feels guilty for thinking she’d throw her under the bus when learning about her and Cane. No, Hilary’s never been sexually harassed but continues to convince Juliet that she was. Yes, your case is strong and explosive. Juliet’s told not to worry that they were both drunk. Cane was your superior – in control of your career. He had all the power? Juliet’s worried about what this will do to Lily. She was the last thing on Cane’s mind, Hilary snarls.

Cane at her side, Lily doesn’t know how her agent got Vikki’s cell number or that he’d call to discuss her doing other work. Sorry he bothered you, she puts her purse on the lawsuit paperwork. As she picks it up and heads off to sort this out with Barry, the papers fall to the floor.

Wrapping up his words of love, Father Todd invites Kevin up to say a few words.

You don’t have to do this, Gloria’s words snap Kevin out of his grievious daze. Looking at Chloe’s framed photo, he expresses his love – everyone’s forgotten how hard she tried. Now addressing the mourners, Kevin knew the unlimited love Chloe had for her Mother, Delia, Bella and me. You’re with Delia – I’ll make sure Bella knows who you are, he chokes out as Mike goes to lead him back to his seat.

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