Friday, June 2nd

Chelsea and Nick have been summoned to the station. Paul thanks them for their cooperation and informs that Chloe’s official cause of death has been confirmed as suicide by overdose – she’s to be buried today. The funeral’s today?! Chelsea’s shocked.

Sharon gives her employee some instructions – call if you need me. Scott arrives to thank her for agreeing to come to the funeral with him. Sharon empathized with Chloe. Both are surprised that Victor empathized with Kevin (since Chloe killed his son)

Kevin’s at Mike’s busying himself with making funeral arrangements. He still can’t believe Chloe’s gone. No, he’s not OK.

Hilary’s at BnS to assure Vikki that all the footage of Lily and the hockey players has been destroyed. It’s hard to be the boss, isn’t it? Making those tough decisions. Vikki does what’s best for the company.

On the CL’s patio, Billy joins Juliet to apologize for his part in what happened in LA. He hates that she got fired over it. Seemingly fine, Juliet doesn’t blame him or Vikki.

Lily and Cane have had breakfast at the club. It’s sad that Chloe’s gone but Lily appreciates what they have. Cane wishes Billy had been the one fired – but let’s put it all behind us. Lily wishes it were that simple.

Kevin appreciates Mike’s support and rants about the hypocrites in town who condemn Chloe like they’re perfect. When Lauren adds her support, Kevin’s grateful to both. They know that Kevin saw the good in Chloe – don’t let it get to you what other people thing. Needing time to himself, Kevin leaves to make sure everything is in order to give Chloe a proper goodbye.

Billy’s followed Juliet into CL’s to say that he admires her positive attitude. He wishes her the best and she wishes the best for him and BnS. Billy hates to give Cane credit but he’s right that Juliet will succeed. Best of luck. Juliet will make her own luck (and again walks away leaving Billy looking mildly troubled)

Back at the club, Cane’s sorry that Lily can’t use the LA footage and thinks it great that Barry still wants to represent her. Lily won’t be pursuing other projects for a while – she’ll focus on Cane and the kids. As they kiss, Hilary appears to sneer – awww, how romantic.