Thursday, June 8th

At CL’s, Sharon reports pulling an extra shift on the crisis lines. Speaking to people who are alone makes her grateful she has so much support. Scott’s done some thinking after watching what Kevin’s going through.

In Paul’s office, Kevin’s happy to hear that his leave of absence has been approved. He asks if there’s any more info on Chloe’s death and the doctor she was staying with. Dr Harris, he thinks is his name.

As soon as Dr Harris brings Chloe back to his house, Victor calls to instruct him to take very good care of her. As Chloe eavesdrops out of sight, Dr Harris assures Victor that she’s in excellent hands.

At the mansion, Jack’s now also suspicious about Graham and Dina’s relationship. Ashley has an idea.

Over breakfast at the club, Dina says she’ll miss GC – the trip brought back memories and emotions. Leaving on a high note is for the best, Graham’s sure Dina agrees. Getting a call from Ashley, he’ll be over soon to pick up a photo album for Dina (while Jack goes to see her)

At Underground, to practice being on-stage, Nikki sits at a keyboard and chats with a supportive Noah; who then leaves her to struggle with the piece until Tessa comes along to look concerned.

Dr Harris wasn’t there when Chloe took the pills – there’s no reason to press charges, Paul tells Kevin to take comfort that she was well cared for the last months of her life. And now Kevin heads off for his two-week vacation, a gun from the evidence room and money in his bag.

Chloe feels groggy – and nervous that people will come looking for her again. I’ll lose everything, she weeps. That’s why everyone must believe you dead, Dr H soothes. Flashback to Chloe agreeing it’s the only option and being reassured (on the phone) by Victor that Dr Harris will protect her.

Scott talks about Kevin losing Chloe. He’s giving Victor his notice today. Sharon’s supportive but doubts Victor will be. He’ll survive, Scott’s sure. They’re about to kiss when Noah comes by for coffee and to tell them about Tessa wanting to leave town because she ran into someone from her past. Sharon warns that she might be trouble.

Dina’s surprised when Jack drops by. She’s leaving tonight – as she and Graham had planned. Jack’s observed a change in Dina when she’s around Graham. Happy to have reconnected with her family, Dina insists that she DOES ‘have to go’.

Meanwhile, Ashley gives Graham the photo album, offers tea and apologizes. He admits to being overprotective. But HE’S the lucky one (not Dina) When she brings up Dina leaving a huge estate, Graham wonders if Ashley thinks he’s after money. Are you? she sips her tea.

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