Thursday, November 2nd (thanks Sue!)

Behind the barricades, Reed blames himself for Billy being inside Underground. Cane says that if anyone can make it out it’ll be Billy. Nick arrives – he doesn’t care right now why the kids were inside and asks a firefighter for an update. The place has collapsed; it’s unlikely anyone inside survived, he’s told.

At BnS, Vikki tells her Dad that she went to the warehouse to make sure all the face masks were destroyed. Victor’s worried about her health. She’s more concerned about her company and faces three choices; declare bankruptcy, bail BnS out with her own money or sell to Victor (though he now doesn’t seem eager to buy)

Lily and Phyllis have come straight from the airport. Lily hugs her kids while Phyllis learns from Nick that Billy’s still inside. OMG, she murmurs. Inside, Bily awakens under a pile of debris to call out for help.

Reed again apologizes to Nick. Yes, he’s pissed off but this isn’t the time. Being trapped in a burning building is punishment enough and Nick knows the kids didn’t start the fire. You need to call your Mom.

No, Victor’s not issuing a test; it’s simple. He wants Vikki to admit that they’re stronger working together than apart and to be happy about him buying BnS. Victor then gets a call from Nick – he wants to talk to Vikki (and updates her; the kids escaped the fire – Billy didn’t)

Jack calls Phyllis to ask about notes she was supposed to email him. I can’t deal with this right now, Phyllis says – it’s Billy. Of course – what’s he screwed up this time. Hearing that Billy might not have survived a fire at Underground, Jack looks stunned.

Help! I can’t move, Billy shouts. Tom the firefighter makes his way – I assume you’re Billy Abbott. You OK in there? Never better, Billy quips. This Halloween party sucks. Yes, the kids got out safely, thanks to you. We’ll get you out of there. Billy’s not so sure; he’s stuck pretty good. Tom will go get help – no sudden moves (lest anything else cave in on him)

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