Wednesday, November 1st

This is bad – this is awful! Mattie frets (as do Reed and Charlie) And that’s before they realize that Underground is on fire.

Sharon comes home to wonder why Mariah’s in a weird mood. She heard her say she felt ‘physically ill’ when leaving the coffee house earlier. What’s going on?

Jumping off his stool at the club’s bar Jordan wonders why Hilary was about to go upstairs without saying hello. And what about that date you owe me? I OWE you? Hilary is pissed.

Watching an old horror movie at the house, Cane sends Mattie a reminder that curfew is at 10 – then nods off.

Billy turns on the lights at BnS and sees the boxes of facial masks Vikki threw in the trash. He then gets a call from Reed – I’m trapped at Underground with Charlie and Mattie! Meanwhile, Charlie’s left a message for his Dad while Mattie’s summoned the fire department. I’m on my way! Billy shouts into his phone as he runs out of BnS. Her call cut off, Mattie warns Charlie not to open the door (the doorknob is hot and the heat has expanded the door)

Back at the GCAC, Jordan suspects he came running back too easily – Hilary must want more ‘edge’. I was just playin’, he’s surprised that she’s taking him seriously about ‘owing’ him. I’ll call to set up a date, send flowers – if you have plans, I’ll wait, he remains laid back. You’ll be waiting a long time! Hilary will NOT be anyone’s second choice!

Taking the full bowl of candy from Mariah, Sharon claims to understand what she’s going through (then assumes that Mariah’s struggling with her relationship with Devon going from new/exciting to stable/calm) In tears, Mariah lists Devon’s good qualities – he’s all I could ever want in a man.

Sipping her martini at the bar, Hilary complains about Lily coming on her show uninvited and boasting that she put Jordan in the friend zone. You wouldn’t have asked me out if you thought you had a shot with HER. Jordan disagrees but is willing to ‘work for it’. We’re good together, equals, his good mood continues. You’re good, Hilary concedes – but isn’t falling for Jordan’s act this time.

Sharon’s alarmed by Mariah’s tears – talk to me. Mariah grew up in the cult learning not to confide in people. I don’t even know who I am! Yes, she does feel guilty, and selfish, stupid, empty, left out. You’re the most loving, smart person, Sharon encourages. Mariah’s so tired of pretending. Then stop, Sharon says simply.