Wednesday, November 15th

Mariah’s at CL’s to see how Sharon’s doing. I can blow off work to keep you company and distract you from your missing boyfriend, she offers. Hilary going on air to talk about Abby and Scott being missing will help (as does Jack and Victor’s reward for info) Sharon thinks Mariah should go to work – she’s waiting for Paul. Eyeing Dina on the patio, she has new lead for him.

No, Billy hasn’t invited Dina to breakfast because Jack thinks she needs a babysitter. Joking about her ankle bracelet, Dina wonders why Sharon keeps looking out at her.

Abby and Scott share an awkward moment, naked beneath a blanket. So that happened. This must stay in the vault, Abby babbles excuses – Ww panicked – that’s all there is to it. She could tell that Scott wanted her. But you were never in the running. Great, I lost out to a sex-trafficking murderer, Scott jokes. Despite having ‘seen it all’, he obeys Abby’s order to turn around (while she dresses)

Chelsea brings a rack of clothes and a good dose of attitude to Hilary (who’s not sorry she outed Jordan and feels she deserves a thank you for keeping Chelsea’s name out of it)

As Phyllis bangs on her wall and shouts at her loud-music-playing neighbour, Jordan drops by to accuse her of distracting him so Hilary could steal from his room. Naw, Phyllis thought they were having fun. Who knows what would have happened if they hadn’t been interrupted. Jordan moves in for a kiss (as if to test Phyllis’ story)

Phyllis wants ID before letting ‘Jordan’ in. She has a splitting headache and doesn’t have much trust in Jordan. Closing the door on him, she’ll only give him answers if he can prove he deserves them.

Noah stops by the penthouse to visit his Dad and update; there’s no word on Abby but Grandma’s doing OK. Noah also tells Nick that he’s taking the job Victor offered (after Vikki talked him into it) IF Nick’s pissed it’s at himself for not rebuilding Underground. Is this really ‘moving forward’? he reminds Noah that Victor’s signed his checks before – what makes you think it’ll be different this time?

Arriving to find GC Buzz a busy hive before going live, Mariah makes it clear that they need to mention Scott, not just focus on Abby. Fine – whatever – you can talk about him too, Hilary agrees. We have 7 minutes to kill, Mariah notes. Hilary’s working on another story. Jordan arrives to blast Hilary for him losing his job and reputation. Make an on-air retraction, he demands. Or what? You don’t want to know, he sneers as Chelsea watches nervously from the sidelines.

Phyllis again shouts at her neighbour; turn it down!!! Thank you, she’s relieved for a moment – until another song comes on. Cushions over her head, she screams in frustration.

Mariah steps in to warn Jordan to back off Hilary. With respect, this is none of your business, Jordan says. OK, in the spirit of honesty, Hilary will let Jordan go live on her show to explain the fake ID’s. We have a show to do, Hilary drags Mariah off for some praise. Just put Abby AND Scott at the top of the show, Mariah says. Across the room, Jordan tells Chelsea that he’s sticking around to make sure this mess doesn’t get worse.

When Paul arrives at CL’s, Sharon points out a new lead; Dina was found wandering around at the side of the road. She says she never went into the roadside. She was found ON the roadside, Paul reminds. Sharon finds the choice of words odd. Paul taken out to the patio by Sharon, Dina refuses to speak without her lawyer. This has nothing to do with Nikki – don’t you want to help find Abby? Yes, suddenly remembers hearing voices in the car – Abby’s!!!

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