Thursday, November 16th

A jittery Scott waits in a car until Abby returns with a motel key – Zack’s car’s parked out back. This is the time to act, he doesn’t want to wait for the police. Their hands touch briefly as Abby hands over the key. You’re not going anywhere’, Scott orders.

At CL’s, Ravi reassures a worried Ashley – who goes over to blast Vikki for her press release; covering your ass while spreading vicious lies about Abby.

Outside the motel, Abby and Scott bicker. Stay here and call the cops, Scott says as he jumps out. Abby follows.

Paul stops by Victor’s office with an update on Abby (that he might not want to hear)

Brandishing a tire iron, Scott busts into Zack’s motel room – Abby appearing seconds later.

Fiddling with her ankle bracelet, Dina’s not happy that Jack’s brought a doctor home – can’t we just drop this? It was self-defense. No, we can’t, Jack replies.

At the penthouse, Nick gives Chelsea the cold shoulder – he just found out on live TV that she’s a con artist. I’m not buying what you’re selling right now, he slams out.

Paul tells Victor that Abby and Scott may have escaped the storage unit on their own. Victor denies having anything to do with any sex ring. He can’t pay his vendors or employees and will sue Paul and Christine if his assets aren’t unfrozen.

Back at CL’s, Vikki stands by her press release — Abby brought Zack and his app to NE. Our assets are frozen. She worries about Abby too – but – remember when she faked being kidnapped by Carmine? She might be at a cushy spa waiting for this scandal to blow over.

Searching the motel room, Scott and Abby continue to bicker. Let’s forget what happened in that storage unit and call the police and our families. Zack enters aiming a gun at the pair. Here we are again.

Dr Burgh would like to do a cognitive examination of Dina. OK – but first, can you remove this ankle bracelet? It’s chafing. Told that won’t happen she’d like Jack to stay in case the doctor gets fresh. Jack takes a seat as the doctor begins; what year is this? What season are we in? Dina has no trouble answering.

Nick gives Ashley a hug at CL’s. She appreciates some compassion from one of Abby’s siblings. Nick makes it clear that he disapproves of Vikki’s press release. I know how she can be.

Neil’s in Victor’s office saying the press release wasn’t his doing. When Vikki arrives, Neil suggests they put out another press release. Nope, Victor thinks Vikki made the right decision.