Monday, August 13th

On the rooftop, neither Vikki or Nikki want a drink (thanks to Sharon’s last two girls’ parties) Agreeing that they need to find a way to accept what they did to JT and move on, Nikki goes for drinks. That leaves Nate to come along to introduce himself to Vikki (who politely explains that she doesn’t have time to show him around town sometime) I see you met my new doctor, Nikki reappears to chirp.

Uninvited, Summer joins Kyle at CL’s – to ask what he and Ashley are plotting against Billy. Yeah, well, whatever Kyle might be working on with Ashley isn’t as bad as Summer plotting to get her Mom’s boyfriend into bed.

Cane chases Lily into HWG. She’s furious over his plan for the whole family to escape to Australia. Cane knows it’s crazy but sometimes you have to put family first.

Nate now seated with her and Vikki, Nikki praises her new doctor – she’s much less stressed having Nate on call 24/7. Nate reassures Vikki that her Mom will continue to see her MS specialist while he gets to the cause of (and treats) her stress. It could be the new job – Nate will know more as he gets to know Nikki better. After Nate leaves, Nikki agrees he’s a bit full of himself. Vikki’s worried – if Nate’s as smart as he thinks he is, he might get to the cause of your stress.

On the CL’s patio, Mattie agrees that it’s crazy that Mom could go to prison but perhaps Mike can come up with a plea deal. Charlie has another idea – convince Devon that he’s wrong in wanting to punish Mom.

Lily closes the office door and warns Cane that he could go to prison just for buying the plane tickets. Then the kids will have both parents in prison! Is this who you are? Someone who teaches their kids to break the law? That running away is the answer? Lily’s further annoyed to hear that Cane’s taking the advice of Colin – a criminal.

Summer can see that Kyle’s worried about losing their bet. You’ve set yourself up to win either way (Kyle thinks himself the perfect person to provide Summer with the meaningless sex she craves) Spotting the pair, Mariah tries to escape but Kyle adds a chair to make it a threesome. When Summer makes a joke about Tessa, Mariah defends her ‘true love’. Mariah and Summer then argue about Nick and Sharon and happy endings.

Nate’s looking into alternative treatments for stress management – and Nikki can handle his curiosity. What she did to JT is taking a toll, she admits but Nate’s confidence and treatment have alleviated that stress. Vikki’s sorry for being suspicious and overreacting. Victor then comes along to wonder why anyone would doubt Nate’s ability.

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