Tuesday, November 24th

At the station, Neil insists on doing what he should have done months ago – the right thing. Devon doesn’t think that’s sending Neil to prison – and it won’t change how Hilary feels about him.

In her suite, Hilary flashes back to telling Neil that all she feels for Devon is disgust – it’s Neil she loves. Out comes the suitcase.

At CL’s, Cane tells Collin that Joe’s the one who set him up and left him to die in the fire. Paul tends to agree – but there’s no proof. Then we’ll find proof, Collin assures.

In a suite at the club, Lily can’t believe Cane went to the police. That doesn’t bother Joe (who just worries about Lily) She must do what’s best for the twins. You’re a strong woman – you’re not alone, Joe gives Lily a kiss (which she returns as she’s eased onto the bed)

Sage finds Nick working on the payroll (at home) Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. She understands Nick not wanting to choose Victor over his principles. When Faith comes down (unable to sleep) Sage has an idea.

Sharon heard Dylan moan – maybe he’s hurt. She doesn’t need more meds – she needs to talk to Paul. Dr Anderson leaves Mariah to persuade Sharon to take her medication.

Who did this to you? Paul asks (at the motel) A groggy Dylan explains that Dr Neville injected him. Sharon had the baby – Dylan MUST see his son.

Still at CL’s, Collin’s plan is to lure Joe downstairs to discuss lucrative business. Then, Cane’s to sneak into his suite and search for evidence.

Sage tells Sage that Constance encouraged her to read, then cuddles with Faith as she begins to a story.

Cradling ‘her’ son, Sharon continues to worry about Dylan. Mariah suggests the call was dropped – don’t think the worst – the baby needs his Mommy to stay positive. Dr Anderson returns with a bottle – breastfeeding isn’t advisable due to the meds. She called the station and learned that Paul’s on his way to meet Dylan. On cue, Dylan arrives to reassure Sharon that he’s fine – and to hold his new son.

As Sharon smiles on, Dylan bonds with ‘his’ son – I’m your Dad. I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment. I promise to protect you and your Mother. We’re going to be a great family.

Joe leaves Lily sleeping in his bed to answer Collin’s call. As planned, Collin lures Joe down for a lucrative business proposition. Telling Lily to go back to sleep, Joe exits. Collin’s sure Cane will find something incriminating in Joe’s room.