Friday, June 10th

At Billy’s the debate continues. Phyllis loves Jack. We have to tell him, Billy insists – today. Someone will tell him – my pretend girlfriend doesn’t have a filter. We can explain to Jack. But how can Phyllis explain what she doesn’t understand herself?

After Lily reluctantly calls 911, Hilary’s helped to her feet insisting she’s fine. There was no emergency after all, Lily cancels the ambulance and reiterates that Hilary (earning a disapproving look from Jack)

On the patio, Ashley watches on as Neville explains why he wasn’t at the hospital and that the deceased Allan James ran blood work and sent it to the FDA. Dylan then accuses Neville of paying the tech to falsify reports. He and Ashley stare at one another silently.

Wake up Sharon! Sage? Sharon sits up. How could you do this to me? Sage snarls – My dying wish was that you tell Nick the truth. Sharon couldn’t – I love that little boy. My husband is mourning the loss of a son he never lost, because you’re selfish. How do you live with yourself? Sharon awakens to find her living room empty. What are you looking for? Mariah appears to ask. Sage, Sharon blurts out.

Sharon saw Sage – in a dream – she was yelling at me. Mariah thinks it due to guilt. Sharon knows Sage isn’t coming back – I watched her take her last breath. But how can she have peace when I’m lying about her son!?

How did we get in so deep? Phyllis wonders. Chemistry, Billy replies simply. Phyllis thinks this tops her list of mistakes. Jack deserves better from me – what the hell is wrong with me? Billy has issues with his brother, but doesn’t want to hurt him. But it’s worse seeing what it’s doing to Phyllis – I want you here with me. It can’t happen, he understands – we have to tell Jack to end what’s happening between us.

Cane and Jack on standby, Hilary insists she didn’t fake passing out. Lily guesses she won’t go to GCM because doctors won’t find anything wrong. Hilary blames not eating lunch or dinner – her blood sugar is low. Jack insists on helping Hilary up to her suite – he’ll order room service. Lily sneers as they head upstairs.

Dylan tells Neville and Ashley that Allan seemed unstable – but right now, he’s just concerned about bribery and fraud. Hilary claims she has no contact with the employees in the testing period. Ashley chimes in to confess that she’s the one who paid the lab tech to falsify reports going to the FDA.

Yes, Sharon’s taking her meds. She’s having nightmares, not visions. Not telling the truth about Sully is wrong. Mariah basically talks her out of it – the family imploding will be bad for everyone. Think it through before doing anything.

Back on the patio, Dylan knows Ashley has integrity, Neville not so much. You falsified medical reports that put people’s lives in danger? Yes, Ashley was just moving things along to avoid red tape. Be prepared to face criminal charges, Dylan warns. Ashley’s OK with that – Neville and his research must remain above reproach. After Dylan leaves, Ashley vows to protect the project, and Neville.

Lily gripes about Hilary fooling Jack. He doesn’t know she’s blackmailing the whole family, Cane points out. Lily thinks Jack better open his eyes or his faith in Hilary will come back to bite him.

Upstairs, Jack’s ordered room service. Anything else? No, Hilary thanks him. Jack mentions Lily’s suspicions and remembers Hilary kissing him on Valentine’s Day two years ago. He values Hilary but is happily married. Hilary claims there’s no truth to Lily’s accusations – she tries to poison people against me. Are you keeping something from me? Jack asks. There is something, Hilary’s not fine – she’s very sick.